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The Rain

Water dripped and tapped a window pane

the opaque look of a morning blue.

Sitting now in front of a fire crackle,

imagining just how short a life we lead.

I drew myself closer to the glass

that sheltered me from the damp.

I wondered about those that might

spend their night chilled, and wet and sad.

The rain would continue through evening,

and I would watch the night envelop my dawn.

There is a crystal ball lays inside a lull,

a rainstorm lets us breathe and feel,

so in the rains one day when we wake,

we find some quiet solace in its wake.

© Thom Amundsen 3/2022

An Autumn Sky

Oh we do see the autumn of our lives

each season holds promise to the wise,

ah, to breathe sordid remnants of summer

where twilight body bathed in hot slumber


Now to wander in the mind inside a travel

on sunsets and rises we felt could unravel.

That perseverance such is humanity fierce

that will always sing its harmony in verse.


When does love on this earth become sweet

how silence in the rain may venture in sleet,

yet still do our eyes have wells, a dignified cry

would we let a mist cleanse face in gray sky.


An ashen wind in the west a foreboding scenery

while our sacrifice weep, sweet is aging silvery.

© Thom Amundsen 9/12/2020

Grey Days

Beautiful ways. Understand we believe

a happiness begins inside our heart.

Without that connection, how we perceive

the world around us seems less a start,

Quite a reality we’d more avoid.

Fear is a common ground speaks volumes loud

when in a single day we feel that void

that stir of anxiety, disallowed

by a societal definition.

Who might indicate the right actions take

when faced with life’s ironic decision.

Choose today’s grey afternoon by the lake

Haven’t a choice as to where might we go.

Beauty, truth exists howsoever we show

The Rains Would Stay

Clouds in their gray mold eery still remained

laying heavy in the sky for long hours.

The passersby adjusted while it rained

travel slow impeded by soft showers.

Since the vortex, our weather speaks out loud,

sunshine of summer is left far away.

When souls awaken expect any cloud

shelters and swallows a sun shiny day.

How often the climate impacts our mind

deftly playing our hearts and eyes to swoon.

Enough to embed itself with unkind

Sheets of rain and swirls that surely monsoon.

We will welcome a starlit evening.

Twilight’s hope, sky streams foreshadowing.

Wild Skies

Feel life brisk

High pressure settle in

Crisp, autumn morning

With blasts

Draping serious skies

Winter’s scorn is upon us all

A heaviness basks in air

Time now

Time asks for preparation


When once we were alone …


Quiet morning  sun piques behind

Wandering winds

Haunting as the settling sky

Corrals summer’s eve

While we wait upon

A long and slow March

The dusty road turns cold …


The winds of autumn reckoning

Each season’s sweet serenity