The Water’s Edge

I’ve often stood here,

Seeing the glass,


Is nature’s remedy


A soft whispering cacophony

Waves sing forever,

In the trees they are listening,


Living in sweet serenity


Oh to know the mystery

What lies ahead

Is in the arms of a cradled soul

So distant yet near

We are all inside memory.


A shadowy horizon

The eye is lost in fantasy

The beauty of time

I’ve often stood here

White Caps Weave

Lake Superior 4/1/2015

Lake Superior 4/1/2015


The trance of your cadence is marvelous

steady, always climbing silent new walls

yet we might hear your cry to recall us

a treat to our eyes, with each white cap falls


upon rock, mixing soil, leave sign of rife

battle internal released in shallow.

Long ago mothers recall quiet life

with now a soul you garnered in gallows,


scream wind a spiritual compass within

leaves our naked eyes curious while we seek

new lives, next days, in sound waves to begin

stronger response in Her grasp of the meek.


Share this wonder rampant in earthly rhyme

Our heartbeat will you gracious measure time

Inherent Love

Recently a suggestion was made

I suppose the human condition was at play

We explored a society

Our world as we live today.

With so much pain across the planet

It is sometimes a wonder if we truly

Love one another.

My world exists in a sea

With every wave I travel,

I experience a new

Shall we say, depth.

As my body drifts in the open water,

I suddenly am compelled to

Embrace the current

Sweeping my body further into an abyss

Or slapping me back to shore.

We have many read the story

An elder rather seasoned man

Fighting for his own life

Struggles against the current

The true Nature of the sea,

Only to return to land

Empty-handed but free.

Perhaps he knew then

while surveying skeletal remains,

Life was too short to not

Love one another.

As I fight my life and spirit

Inside the ocean waves,

I do know there will be

Some pleasant soul,

Perhaps not of our world,

Yet so ethereal,

A welcome surreal experience,

Who might be far ahead

While the human condition does battle

With our saving grace, that is, to

Love one another