Embrace Each Other

One day,

a gentleman asked,

‘Do you know what life means?’

to the young boy

standing on the playground.

The boy replied,

“to me old man, it is the perfect swish in the basketball hoop.’

The gentleman smiled and continued his walk.

He wound around the corner,

onto skid row of the neighborhood,

where he was immediately accosted,

well enthusiastically approached,

‘would you give me five bucks?’

a drunk vagrant whispered in a hoarse bourbon-esque voice,

the gentleman asked why,

and the man, fell against him, and mumbled

‘it would give my life meaning.’

The gentleman continued walking,

along the way there was much suffering and pain,

mixed with love and enchantment,

with either one holding court with the other.

The sun might shine with vivid streaks,

to contrast a gray sullen sky

ready to drop tears upon anyone nearby.

The old man pulled his collar tight,

readjusted his hat,

did a little dance step,

and then faded sweet into the night sky …

When I Walk

I use the sidewalk most of the time,

that’s what I’m told.

If I walk in the street so sublime,

I might be thought old.

When I was a child we used the pavement,

back then there weren’t walks

we could stroll on the left side, no argument,

while having one of our talks.

I would walk to school with her everyday,

she’d talk about the fall,

how this reminded her of favorite days,

the year would begin for all

the kids that summertime left behind,

we were now another

year older and ready to grind

our minds together.

When I walk I often think about those times,

with her, my wise mother the teacher,

in the classroom she taught so many lives,

on the street she taught me to be sure.

A Measure of Intelligence

It happened again,

the world turned upside down,

only for a minute,

while everyone crawled out.

upon the pavement,

each one stunned and smiling,

that deep cavern,

contains so much mystery,

that we can’t hide,

that which we can never disappear,

deep down inside,

remains the world we will challenge,

always waiting,

wondering how the grasp of our soul,

might tumble again,

creating a delightful outcome,

when after hours,

we realize the value of a good walk.

I Was Walking

Alone in the city

an arctic mass of wind and ice

each step a crunch 

while eyes scanned the surroundings

I felt the wet perspiration

on my forehead, lips, cheeks

begin to freeze while I moved.

I glanced through open windows

to see lives at dinner time

each one comforting the other

with songs of reality,

melodies that transpired their lives

to become closer, more celebratory

than their same lives earlier that day.

I felt rather calm on this walk

alone in my thoughts,

some journey that meant I was coming

I was becoming

I could be less becoming

if I stood and stared.

Instead, my stroll became tranquil

a relaxing jaunt through my neighborhood

that place we seemed to belong

only because we chose to live

amongst all the realities 

that become together

a unified race to the end.

It is a gradual slide

with many highlights

to accentuate

the quiet stroll 

of the human condition.


I remember walking slowly

I wondered what all the excitement was about

walking, listening, visualizing, together

I remember only thinking about you

I wondered, while our steps continued

Would you ever wonder about me

In the same manner I always left my curiosity

about you, a few steps behind, just out of reach

I remember hoping someday we might

Walk together hand in hand on a similar plane


I was walking nearby you again

Uninvolved yet driven by eyes

On a quiet afternoon

Sunlight peaking into the early dusk

We often cross paths

While one occupies their space

Perhaps each one curious in face

Drawing close indicators of need

Each free spirit whole; nature’s eloquence

Plays human condition lottery …


I was walking nearby you again

Traffic heavy as the corner crowded

Commuters and panhandlers share

Concrete while horns beckoned angst

Lives hanging in the balance with one

Maybe two steps create a stir of motion

Eyes connect and the actions remain

Current and busy and purposeful

Again in the quiet afternoon we try

To know one another while doors …


I was walking nearby you again

This time I saw the mascara

Creeping along your stirring eyes

The day was looming into shadows

And I wondered today about your world

This crowded corner we encounter

Every afternoon when the same pulse

Steps upon the cracks in our universe

All design in a scheme of motion

Time’s measure is the pressure of brakes


I was walking nearby your heart again

Soft and light hoping you might remain

The Walk was more Telling

We used to do this all the time

I’d knock on your door

Hear the creak in the steps just before

Your hand played the handle’s rhyme


This sunny afternoon in our august

Our lives were together

Yet the cavernous weather

Had begun to take notice of our lust


We always played the horizon

I watched you today walk ahead

Our cove in the midst of summer’s dead

Leaves, dying grass fields now reason


I reached our special spot and you were gone

I whispered with a smile and knew

Our lives were now not nearly new

I looked and noticed you walking further alone


For today my heart began to pump my chest

As seeing your distance indicated

The walk was more telling, dated

I was looking at our lives at a certain crest


Walking the incline to find you in the park

Finally seeing you walking the steps

Of the grandstands still alone I wept

Knowing we were now hearing the evening lark


Our august of loss had arrived with little fanfare

I looked in your eyes and knew I was no longer fair