Lost Moments

In our lives we have many experiences

travails of innocence no one

has an answer to suggest an outcome

only hitch on,

grab a strand of burlap,

feel the dust build underneath our psyche

and ride on.


I’ve always enjoyed the horizon

seeing wheat fields flowing in an autumn breeze,

the fresh blossoms of a rainy morning aftermath,

often my favorite moments

caught in the rain

soaked to the bone

fresh soup and a warm fire

in the evening lull.


On occasion I recall that summer afternoon,

we walked in our usual path,

to a sort of ‘city’ glen above John Muir,

where there would be

an eventual opening in the brush,

we would lay there

act like a couple in love

no one’s eyes except our own.


This one time,

and this would be my definition of loss,

I would nap in that moment,

and did I in the afternoon sun

wake shortly there after

and she would be gone,

I would then stand only to notice her figure

meandering into the park,

having left this moment



I remember not knowing what to do,

far too distant would a shout of name

turn your head,

either distance or time

would cause her, might, continue forward



That was the message going through my mind.

I hurried to try to catch up,

to not lose this moment.


We do eventually, in time find ourselves to be on course,

yet still could we already know some concept of remorse.

© Thom Amundsen 5/2021

Taking Walks

When once I chose to ruminate

today I will stroll,

a will to know

to see to wonder.

In winter and in summer

we might spring forward with a passion

rather than

fall upon our sword.

There is a certain beauty in that,

to know suddenly the benefit of

a spatial fascination.

Might be the wood?

Perhaps a city street

teeming with populace

while you and I share observation

hands held, our world alive.

©️Thom Amundsen 3/2021

A Walk Inside A Dream

Took a walk inside a dream,

seemed the same,

each waking moment,

a breath of wonder

then wander back inside

visit old friends

stir memories of an


the sort of look in an eye

when we might fall into

the shell of our selves

inside the dream

everything happens

we sometimes wish away

from ourselves.

The next day

When a conscious reminder

that dream last nigh

look around the space

the people drifting by

could be there then

might be there


waiting for an arrival

every stone unturned

when the natural

tendency might be to scream

inside a dream

taking a walk

a wander

into a waking day

Just Taking a Walk in the Neighbrohood

I was listening to a some Tom Waits the other day,

puts me in a certain frame of mind,

if you know, you know what I mean,

you know what I want to say,

so I just listen to the blues and try to find my way.


I was thinking just the other day, about a neighbor,

someone I know, they know me,

we all seem to know each other,

especially when we do have that chance,

the rare opportunity to say hello, a courtesy.


See it is not as much about the neighbor as it is,

each other, all of us, walking around

today, tomorrow, any other day,

it’s about the wonder of our lives,

whose do we touch, and will they every touch ours.


I’m sitting in a coffee shop, still listening to the blues,

Tom Waits kind of sets the tone,

for your day, for some of you the week,

like sitting in an old rusty bar,

and he steps out of the blind with a guitar.


We all do walk the same neighborhood, together,

oh we carry our crosses, for some it is

that famous albatross from an old piece of


I believe it was Coleridge, one of the dead guys.


Point is the music continues, the riffs, the melodies,

the lyrics that seem to so mellow, haunt our lives,

so we can all believe in it together,

we do love to feel, to believe, to wonder, to wish,

perhaps walk the same paths we all would wish to choose.

If I Could See to Share

A dark sky can loom forever,

waiting, an eager participant,

life happens,

so they say,

storms occur in unabashed

fury to temper the imagination

that which might arise

in the dullest night when life needs hope,

perhaps another request,

the sort of asking forgiveness when well beyond the realm

the life we knew became the regret we considered

could never happen to me.

It is that piece of survival I wish,

I would only experience alone.

If time might allow a pass,

can you imagine the decades we might choose

to leave behind.

A path, a grassy cutaway through a forest

a relative term when we do imagine

a world around us in continual motion,

always trying to find their way.

I was walking one afternoon when the sun

suddenly as if by choice,

struck the land around my eyes,

a deeper resonance

beyond any material moments around me.

I think of that day, try to recreate the energy,

bring me home again,

so I might for just a little while,

know that which you could understand



We Were Smiling (inspired by Tinsley Ellis)


Just another day,


we were smiling,

a lasting sunlight,

I remember the day,

a golden meadow field


our usual place,

we were smiling,

I  knew there were painful moments,

but just today, let’s keep  it,

let’s go with the sunlight,

let the smiles remain,

those are so delightful,

your smile, alone,

I remember

watching you move ahead,

a slow, delightful pace,

I could just watch you,

I love to,

love to just watch you,


Just another day,

I was watching you move,

I couldn’t see your smile,

I wanted only,

to watch you move,

we were

we were steady back then,


A gentle breeze,

and there was sudden,

in a manner of a moment,

I could feel there was a,

some sort of a change,

I saw your smile,

but it contained,

a sadness,

that I could feel,

but didn’t know,

watching you,

I loved to watch you,

I was watching you

know that was love;


searching for your smile,

I was watching her,

watching as she did,

walk away.

We were smiling,

on such sunny days,

I just can’t remember when.

I try to find her,

look around me,

listen for the sounds

that rhythm that was


I keep on searching for that certain,

way of living,

I love the way she smiled.

The Walk was more Telling

We used to do this all the time

I’d knock on your door

Hear the creak in the steps just before

Your hand played the handle’s rhyme


This sunny afternoon in our august

Our lives were together

Yet the cavernous weather

Had begun to take notice of our lust


We always played the horizon

I watched you today walk ahead

Our cove in the midst of summer’s dead

Leaves, dying grass fields now reason


I reached our special spot and you were gone

I whispered with a smile and knew

Our lives were now not nearly new

I looked and noticed you walking further alone


For today my heart began to pump my chest

As seeing your distance indicated

The walk was more telling, dated

I was looking at our lives at a certain crest


Walking the incline to find you in the park

Finally seeing you walking the steps

Of the grandstands still alone I wept

Knowing we were now hearing the evening lark


Our august of loss had arrived with little fanfare

I looked in your eyes and knew I was no longer fair

Wishing Well

Do you remember that?

The day grandpa showed you the well

And talked about dropping a penny

And all would be



Do you recall the day?

I would take a walk outside alone

And I’d wonder whether you cared

To find me strolling all



Do you think about when?

I worshipped the ground you stepped above

And always wanted to be just like

The image you suggested was



(this is a work in progress, any thoughts are welcome)Image

Walks Nostalgic


And I was walking up a hill

Feeling the rocks crack under me

As each step suggested will

That certain desire to keep


Climbing with uncertain fears

Wishing there might be a rise

In the morning; spirit of nature’s

Beauty; her grace might now advise


My frame of mind is patterned

By a ritual to believe in knowing

Each day I’ll reveal a learned

Truth that His grace is forgiving


And now today the rocks remain

Loose in gravel as we slowly climb

In memory our hearts still contain

Same fears, same hopes, same time


When forty years ago I wished peace

Might overtake the daily arrogance

That quiet revelation, that new tease

Of notion will allow our heartfelt chance


To travel back in time and steal away

The hours that reveal certainty today.