A Walk Inside A Dream

Took a walk inside a dream,

seemed the same,

each waking moment,

a breath of wonder

then wander back inside

visit old friends

stir memories of an


the sort of look in an eye

when we might fall into

the shell of our selves

inside the dream

everything happens

we sometimes wish away

from ourselves.

The next day

When a conscious reminder

that dream last nigh

look around the space

the people drifting by

could be there then

might be there


waiting for an arrival

every stone unturned

when the natural

tendency might be to scream

inside a dream

taking a walk

a wander

into a waking day

Morning Peace

I woke in peace,

before the dawn of my imagination

began again

to reel off the news,

I slumbered in my mind,

a new energy

encompassed me to remind

me of sunlight,

a symbolic gesture,

brighten my day,

begin again this way,

soft, move forward

allow any ideals safely

tucked away to ignite travel,

while laying still,

wealthy in a pool

of reflective incandescent hue

The Waking Day

I dreamed I was leaving you again

or maybe it was you me, not I, but you

again it happened so clearly

the discussion waned but the event there

you, me, not talking, just drifting

and me recalling how lovely you were

when we, not me, were together.

And then the clouds roll in, the mystery

I’m wondering, why, while you, don’t cry

I want to understand, yet, where have we been

I dreamed you were leaving me again,

the skies were ordinary, nothing out of hand

another day, another afternoon waiting for the eve

of who we were, where we had begun, what was in …

Just then as it always happens, the skies broke

moments before the explanation

I would see my eyes open

and there you might be

readying yourself for the day,

turn my way and give me a smile,

I lie back on my pillow and breathe in

the waking day.