A Simpler Life

If life begins here the now is today

well there has to be another way

said the disgruntled fellow

standing in the gallows.

We choose to live the way we do

based upon values, me and you,

not that far away from everyone

seems somehow often over done.

Once in a midnight sky not so far

away, I felt my body to be at war.

With sudden gasp I exhaled my life

only to know a sedentary world is rife

with unpleasantries and negativity

all of the symptoms of inadequacy.

Speaking to a friend of mine tonight

I came to terms with just how I might

live out the rest of my days

in some more comfortable ways.

There isn’t a lot gained in crying

when reaching out without trying.

© Thom Amundsen  9/2021

In Nostalgic Trappings

I so easily return,

begin again, recycle, revisit, reimagine

that moment that will forever be sealed

in memory.

If I might

could we only reword a couple of moments,

retrace the direction we were heading,

before suddenly all the havoc of our generation overturned

the reality we once believed to be

our own,

before we forgot where it is we came from

began listening to others,

those that with values that remained only their own,

decidedly forgot about the others

those that wanted to remain alone,

away from the chaos,

to simply live,


without the burden of worry,

wondering whether this is the moment we react,

or continue forward with blind eye.

is it the blind eye I want to change,

is it that easily discovered,


I’m a naked man in  world of change,

clothe me please with beauty and grace

rather than the torn garments of idolized


Becoming Him

I have become my father, well not exactly

anything close to what I recall. The man

who guided my heart and soul through time

without me realizing at in life how bold,

his actions always were on my behalf.

His actions always were on my behalf

honorable as I recall, the spirit of dad

suddenly there and sometimes gone again

where I often did not know but mattered little

for you were my dad, and I knew you were

standing right by my side whenever I faced

a value, a circumstance, a desire, a passion.

I wish I had taken the time to ask you then

what it might feel like today, back when …

Missing Moments

How often which moment we decide is priority

becomes the nucleus of our day

So many avenues we must try to oblige

become a distraction of what is real.

We could join a monastery and dedicate our dreams

to those of ‘the others’ the ones we know

have a greater need than our … asphalt resurfacing.

We might imagine taking a stand on a cause to change

the obstacles that prevent altruistic lives

from becoming an action rather than a notion

towards bettering our neighborhood.

I wonder if a rant of appraisal will allow

the moments we miss to become simple fallow.

I want to be there, while you are here, when we are …

together sharing our lives, our hearts, our desires.

I hope I can step outside of my own self-driven

patterns of anonymity

that place where I like to hide

when I realize I cannot keep up with the world around me

I am drawn by the guilt and shame

the needless judgment that I know is so correct

even when I cannot keep up and need to become

the human being of frailty and fault that I really am.

I’m missing moments and this is my reality.