Wander While Waiting

© Dani Stites

© Dani Stites Photography


Mark upon a day when you looked beyond the cliff,

a clear drawn out valley delightful in color caress a sad river

traveling in the distance, with so much forest,

lush green and wild abandon just beyond our reach.

Yet, on the crest your feet remain planted unable to imagine

a world beyond your own that plays in your mind.


How do we begin to understand the Nature around us

when we cannot conceive the world we have created alone,

worried about a disease that hasn’t even reached our veins,

while others kill us on a regular basis, in gradual numbers

we all seem to receive some natural plan, an action

that once it is set in motion ranges like a river carving through the land.


I remember picking up single rocks alone,

and tossing them over that edge, imagining me

instead, falling, and drifting through time,

away from my mind, that keeps me stuck

on the crest of the hill looking upon recent valleys,

those that remind me where I’ve been, where I may go.


When I sit in quiet solitude and imagine the life I lead

I do wonder whether it might be right, or is it fate

to believe that somewhere in the scene scape exists a time

we no longer may touch, yet still evolves with the fortune

of eyes, a quiet interlude of life driven values. I may

walk across my threshold to yield my life forever.


Today I will wander without lifting my feet, yet my eyes

look out upon a horizon of love and reality, just waiting.

Human Nature Sings Silent

When is the moment real

In that exchange of words

What is it drives the core

And asks for a response

Or maybe does not ask at all

Just suggests

That for only a second

We feel


I live in a valley

And each morning

I listen to the sounds

Of doves cooing

The waking can be that simple

Laying in my bed

I imagine a world outside

In the crisp sunlight

And these birds perched nearby

Are singing in silent melody

That’s what they do

As my eyes open

I often wonder

If there is any consequence

Beyond their physical

Need to co-exist


This morning

The mountain looms ahead

A visual force in a mental image

See everything we do

Depends upon how we react

Memories that organize our day

Our path

Our focus

Our needs

All rely upon our ability

To take that certain path

That eases the climb


Later on we may again descend

We can now relax

Whether crying or rejoicing

The nature of our world is quiet

Beyond our physicality alone