Upon This Day


If truth were a double-edged sword, I might be a dead man

For I do remember very little that I want to recall

About those days ….

When I try to ascertain the mood of the moments then

I am well to understand only glorified journeyed musings

About those days …

We are a simple lot that lives by the delights that suggest

Our misgivings and frailties will be measured for years

About those days …

I listen to rock and roll ballads that allow me to travel

Surreal in the mystique of how well my mind may reflect

About those days …

“Sing with me just for today, the good Lord take you away”

Caresses my mind while I dance to the tune’s sermon

About those days …

Yet here we are struggling on a daily basis to understand

What plan lies ahead, what decisions to begin to recall

About those days …

We know so much more today than we did yesterday

And we wish we might reflect upon new improvements

About those days …

We do know without comment that our lusts and dreams

Will continue to be the carrot on a string screaming hope

About those days …

Wisdom and time become the masters of our universe

Seeking truth that may certainly guide our sojourn’s path

Upon this day!

The Departure

I chose a route today

One perhaps not realized

When Frost speaks of travels

The message is plain

A simple analogy

The challenge is classic

Well aligned; easy, suggestive


Yet, what if my path

Had huge obstacles

Ones that I knew I couldn’t surpass

What would be the point?



Satisfying an urge to succeed


Where is – waiting for me

When I wish upon a …

What value – speaks me?

Why do we seek answers?

Who cares?


Truth is

Looking outside my window tonight

The rains are sweeping the avenue

Winds bending trees in a surreal

Mix of pelting atmosphere

And yet here I continue to breathe


Is that enough?