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Change WIll Evolve

Though skies continue an effervescent blue

the world around may change

gather strength to survive a lesson

one time

each moment drawn together

while life’s reason beckons

a lonely heart wants to be there.

Take me to that place

where I no longer have to


to confusion,

my trepidation

beside your insidious


Instead I will leave,

cross the tracks

inside a dream only to allow

a moment might its mystique


move me forward with purpose.

I would leave behind the shallow

nature of discipline

restore again a benevolent drive  toward

creating a manner for which we might all

arrive; leave behind the roadblocks,

those avenues of indecision.

For a moment

while glancing backward

we can again sense where we have been,

and now who we might become.

Travel forward, bid adieu

sweet departure.


Did you know

there is another way

to release

to feel peace

you can understand

a simple manner

of relaxation Man

that contains no strain

no need to explore pain

full immunity from loss.

Did you know

your life

as you proceed

is meant to challenge

and then one day

you will see

there is a plan

that contains serenity

For all of your


the moments spent


figuring it out

getting the idea

one day

time, plane, realm

a certain light will shine

Ours is a mystery

as purpose less defined

drives a spiritual reckoning

rewards are truly sublime.

Slated Departures

“Why it’s easy”, she told him as he looked to her for guidance. Simply make it a priority and it will happen. In his mind, all he could think about was this didn’t happen in his world. It was far too expensive for one, not to mention that so many other things mattered. She had done it before, and for her the sense of departure was real, attainable, and frankly necessary for her well-being. She was not nearly as tied down to the landscape that he felt described his every being. In all of his 25 years, he had only imagined the other world. He’d read books, watched television shows, and certainly grasped the imagery of the world apart from him with much romantic flair. Often he would take on the persona of a character he embraced, dress like him, act and express in that manner, and finally try to speak in his tongue. There’s where it stopped though. And now today, he was contemplating this adventure.

He told her he would have to quit his job, he was too expendable to receive a leave of absence, so this was certainly a factor. She responded to him with words that were clearly the reason he loved her. “This is life right now”, she said, and her smile beckoned him to trust her and he did, with a kiss that became an embrace in the morning sunlight. He had never been so happy in his life. Every part of that old familiar loneliness was gone, and he looked into her eyes and saw the future, and believed he needed to allow this delightful woman to move him forward. He began to plan in his head, and she knew the second she caught his eye, this was happening. She grinned, and stepped away, sat on the sofa and began to page through the morning paper, glancing back at him for a moment to make sure his wheels were still rolling, which they were, he was beside himself with excitement.

He quietly then, in his own fantasy, began to envision sitting in a corner cafe, the cobblestone stretching beyond his eyes, becoming a village facade. He sipping tea, and she, writing while consciously guiding this man through a world he a day ago, could only imagine.

Energy Drive

In my home town

there is a street named

Energy Drive

I often think of that avenue

wondering if I stood on a curb

I might soak in that guidance

be drawn by the concept of its strength.

I understand the name

is drawn from industry

symbolic of discovery

Yet, I need to capture

that essence.

Ever notice the happy sense

of good energy

Always see the value

good thoughts can bring to our lives.

Yes the moments exist

that tear our hearts apart,

the tears remain when sensing fear,

the world seems less friendly …

Only when we allow ourselves to remain

alone enough to sap our energy.

Imagine pleasant thoughts

a desire to provide happiness

a genuine smile

shocking as it may seem

there are many of us that decide

upon our day

by the energy we engage.

We are energy driven,

polar opposites that attract.

When a negative wave reacts

call it a vortex

we seek shelter

we back pedal

we often haven’t a clue

how we ever got there.

Upon a distant star

traveling through the night

an optimistic response

allows our lives to become

that fragment,

that piece of life,

a strong purveyor of the resource of

Energy Drive.

I Travel These Roads (with apologies to Robert Frost)

Awaken upon cool summer morning

relax in tune in the sweet breeze delight.

Today’s grace gives solace to evening,

hours later our lives become the night.

Yet right now listen, the sun stream amber

We wish wildly worlds will welcome ahead

the nurture of Nature in Her lovely candor.

Pure soul belittles the needs of our head,

sky streaking surreal moments we crave

while battle begins to forge walls behind.

Breathless our weightless lives suspend a wave.

Man, tireless drawn toward slow human bind.

Stretch out your limbs in the hot heat of day

Soon tomorrow recall what is today

The Other Day

I walked the halls

Watching people stroll by in their routines

I looked for moments

Of clarity

Because that’s what we do

Sixteen and curious

More nervous

More anxious

Feeling weird about that

Last interaction.


And yet, the way I walked past you

Made no difference in your world

As time stood still and your steps

Created distance

My world stays here with me

While you’re down the stairs

Around the corner and gone

Moving towards your moment


Yet tomorrow the same dance

I’ll watch you walk closely

Near me, I can almost sense you

Eyes closed your perfume

As natural as the sky’s rain

Becomes my beacon and I wonder

If today will be different

Wishing we might realize

That together

Our world’s are not that

Vital to anyone else’s

I awoke this morning

And watched their final moments

With weeping eyes

Their worlds now alive

Yet tears remain

For me somewhere in-between

The dawn and moonrise

I became a memory

Just as they will recall

A day when life

Really can and does

Remain the same.