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Words Employ

Though I wish

might words be employ,

to quite realize

would be to bore (the mind).

Finding a phrase

attaching to character

becomes imperative

under analysis.

Is it an attraction

sets the tone

for a positive reaction

to the world we’re bound.

The traffic of our soul

demands when about,

sacrifice and resolve

seems far reaching – we evolve.

When once he knew

the again that flew,

his ideas being sorted

questions again, by her.

Seems lost in a shuffle

this be, this inspiration.

© Thom Amundsen 10/2021

When Wandering Headlights Weep

In picture windows across the world,

they watch, they stare, they sometimes


they’re the souls left alone to wonder,

watching the headlights streamline by,

like a slow motion ray of long wound

catapults of energy,

sweeping past the imagination

without waiting wanderers,

perhaps ne’er a question of why.


We all might wish to have that moment,

a second of their time,

screeching tires and suddenly

out the door, a person,

a human being assuredly defines the rapid

departure of any possibility

defining the time

we just watched sweep past our reality.


Yet for that next few hours,

she will, he might, and they’ll return,

to their security,

the picture window,

observing the reality with swift purpose,

motion by,

as if to recognize

there is no one waiting nearby,

only everyone lays ahead,

in the distance,

there’s the real reason why.

On Montmartre Stairs


Photo of The Day

( I do hope this fits with the figurative notion of ‘circles’)

Allen Parseghian Photography

A rainy afternoon,

we would cry together today,

svelte hands and wrought iron rails,

steps that concrete shavings felt right,

we did smile as with our turn we might catch eyes,

if not this turn, the next twirl I could find you there,

we dashed to the doorway, the rains were heavy,

in there our embrace becomes a mix of delicious love,

peek out, see the misty rain, the street below,

we own the moment, let’s dance to our center.


On an august evening the steps were trampled by

strangers in the night who would pass our memory,

we could always recall that kiss by the oak,

the quiet night, where a luminous magic

began our journey together – we did walk

until we could under the lampost

remember our night together,

long before the business of life forgot their way.

*photo: Allen Parseghian Photography



I was walking nearby you again

Uninvolved yet driven by eyes

On a quiet afternoon

Sunlight peaking into the early dusk

We often cross paths

While one occupies their space

Perhaps each one curious in face

Drawing close indicators of need

Each free spirit whole; nature’s eloquence

Plays human condition lottery …


I was walking nearby you again

Traffic heavy as the corner crowded

Commuters and panhandlers share

Concrete while horns beckoned angst

Lives hanging in the balance with one

Maybe two steps create a stir of motion

Eyes connect and the actions remain

Current and busy and purposeful

Again in the quiet afternoon we try

To know one another while doors …


I was walking nearby you again

This time I saw the mascara

Creeping along your stirring eyes

The day was looming into shadows

And I wondered today about your world

This crowded corner we encounter

Every afternoon when the same pulse

Steps upon the cracks in our universe

All design in a scheme of motion

Time’s measure is the pressure of brakes


I was walking nearby your heart again

Soft and light hoping you might remain

We are the Same, You and Me

One day

While alone

Looking upon the horizon

I wondered about my place

Each step along the gravel road

Brought me closer to a quiet vista

Where I was able to sit down and see

The city

Around me


A middle school

The nearby park across


Cutting through our lives

Activity always happening

Always in motion

Too far away to realize conversations

Yet certainly near enough to see

Only for a moment

I wondered about how many different eyes

Existed along the avenue of our world

Common connections created

By a need to respond

To each other

One day