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An Easter Sunday Prayer

I would wish we might all love,

if only for the hours of this day,

turn to one another,

the fear we even imagine in doing so,

be put aside,

for we are all wanting to show effort

toward recognizing our own

sense of balance

in knowing

there is a special bond,

a reality,

a certain wanton risk perhaps

answered when

in unison


looking in each other’s eyes,

we might know love.

For I haven’t the foggiest notion

who wrote the book,

beyond the letters, the words,

the sayings, the famous and infamous remarks,

I haven’t any knowledge beyond

my own response,

my reaction,

my longing to understand

when humanity

might let themselves


upon the beauty of each other

without the urgency of reward,

oh then,

there might be grace in the certainty

of celebration,

for we are

one love,

we are



Happy Easter everyone! Please, peace!

Objects of Desire

Always out of our reach

My reach

In sight my eyes will delight

Your beauty

A quick smile

Perhaps a frown

And the moment is gone

But fantasy

Remains a telling mystery

New worlds can be created

That one moment that was wanted

Suddenly becomes attainable


The skin so alive

Desire of wanton release

I’ve always felt only you know how to touch

The moment that exhilarates your skin

Your fingertips

Your curves

Slow and teasing, your gasps

As that moment becomes near

Holding back yet driving towards

A beautiful and writhing release

Some may bring you there

Yet, when ready you’re a goddess

A master, filled with mystique


For we all know a manner of passion

I might imagine how to make love to you

And you might desire the touch of fantasy

When will our ideas return to one another

Rather than remaining in wonder

Silly fears

Drawn upon each other

Always a stepping stone

Of indecision

That when the risk is alive

Become scintillating , sensual, unbridled passion


Wanton passions cause words to desire human touch

I do imagine you as you are

Only fabric teases your now aroused skin in as much

As my desire seeks your eyes

Miles away I might only recall key strokes that suggest

Dialogue leaves no one alone

Yet in the moment the reality of distance leaves just

Unrequited, surreal notions

The human mind has a vitriolic desire to right itself

Counting upon thought defined

Hopeful the romantic urgency would allow a wealth

Of feeling and desire, that lust

That drives the spirit that writhes the human condition

We all drive the same auto

Seek spiritual solace, senses alive in this simple tradition

Natural beauty is elegant too

All of our capacity to draw the fires of delicious dance

Without the usual verbal traps

Large scale interwoven displays – modern love’s chance

Instant snapshots; time-lapse

Imagine a Moment

Always across the ‘room’

A new set of eyes

Coy glances

Smiles that seem to tease

My every desire

Seems so cliché

To imagine swooning

On a quiet afternoon

Where only coffee cups

And laptops

Create identities

With brief interludes

Leaving the regulars

Intrigued by the tight fabric

Of a summer afternoon

We will play the game

Of body language


Feeling my senses

Step outside of myself

Suddenly aroused

By the beauty of energy

Shared with glances and smiles

Wistful notions passing

The moments

Words that will suggest

Deeper tease of passion

I will watch a fingertip twirl a bang

While your eyes study the screen

My mind has enveloped your look

When a glance over the bar

Suggests I might smile

And negotiations have begun


Yet how to surpass oh the many eyes

Hold figurative walls upon desire’s lies

Soft Dreams

Will you let me

Run soft tease of touch

Just knowing I am by your side

And willing

Fingertips trace circles along your skin

Gasps direct me

Maybe not me so much as a mindset

A trip

Traveling along your beauty

Grace in the moment

And my course is to


Is to


Lips move close

Sweet tease as now tuck your shoulder close

Allowing just my yearning desire

To begin a journey

Along your elegance

Sheer humanity near my soul

Each shudder

A telling dialogue

That moves beyond semantic senses

Towards a magic

A mystique

A loss gained abandon allowed

To respond while together

Each new trace

My fingertips will reach upon your lips


And now our eyes will open

And search inside forever

Sweet Ceremony of Love

Ritual touch
Quiet breeze driven afternoon
Senses brought alive
With sweet fingertips
Serenading skin soft sensual
Imagine a travel
Shoulder tips
Yearning; sense of response
Breathe quietly letting skin feel
Lips nearby anticipating reaching
The touch curls shoulders close
And fingertips move inside
Nape of neck
A new arousal arises nearby
Cupped hands eager
And skin connects with lips
Glistening from moisture
As my tongue now tastes your beauty
A memory will
Create a delicious retelling
An eroticism that accentuates
Our most elegant moments of rapture
Grace, eloquent whispers that tease the ear
As hands now dive wantonly wishing only
To continue to move the moment closer
To that reality of love, of release, of passion
Such mechanics of human nature
Become magical when Love sweeps alive