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Wonders of the Day

How do moments become real,

those that remain,

stay on the mind,

trigger our notions to react today.


When we wake in the morning

do we decide,

today we’ll slide

our lives into a deep cavernous fault


I remember being a child at young

and all my days

were spent with clays

modeling and forming imaginary futures


The sun burst through the morning sky

and I decided today

would be another day

to sit and wonder about what happened


Perhaps a little less emotion in my mind

with a callous edge

that non-caring soul

would help me live with myself again.


I wonder about the hours that lie ahead,

and will they remain,

just more of the same

or could this be the start of tomorrow


The wonders of the day are easily strung along

we just need to decide how far, and how long.

Talk About A Day …

… and let you change the world.


Frame an opportunity …

… and may a resource new be held.

Give a smile to someone …

… and watch their tarnished hour turn silver

Imagine where you are today …

… and allow your humanity its day.

Strive upon the next challenge …

… and realize tomorrow’s fortunes are at hand.

Quiet, in the storm of reason …

… and there lies a reality of gifts in plan.

Know that today is …

… love.

Yesterday’s Tomorrow

Last night

the skies opened with a fury

lightning strikes and thunder claps

quiet reminders, horrific tales

we all settle in to be comfortable

to learn to take for granted nature’s wrath.

Last night

she told me to earn today

forget about tomorrow

it hasn’t happened just yet she said

while we went about our day.

What happens when it really does occur?

Last night

my mind still reeled

its continuum of relentless anxiety

always measuring, surely asking

without ever really telling anyone

the truth about what this really means.

Last night

I recognized true accomplishment.

I savored the accolade,

I walked the walk

strolled, whispered, talked the talk

that so long seemed out of my reach.

At daybreak

I felt the same way

I had last night

so many evenings, years before

I haven’t found a solution

despite having recorded true success.

I suppose that yesterday’s tomorrow

always begins with the future in mind

silly mind

so surreal

Last night



Each moment

I am still the same today.

More of the Same

Same day,

different mood;

Same mood,

different day.

Similar wishes,

significant only

when the moment becomes

noticeable, noticed, notice me.


Purpose is a fine wine

When designed to refine

our constant worries,

that remind

our typical day

similar again, smile some more,

that wreaks havoc upon our

internal goals


External bundles

of reaction,

planned factions of

disapproval, of

merits morale, of

our own omniscient

selfish pride.

We all like to feel that

our lives are perfect, imperfect.

Accept me for who I am.


Tomorrow I will bathe, coif, button,

To return to a state of sameness again.