Wanton passions cause words to desire human touch

I do imagine you as you are

Only fabric teases your now aroused skin in as much

As my desire seeks your eyes

Miles away I might only recall key strokes that suggest

Dialogue leaves no one alone

Yet in the moment the reality of distance leaves just

Unrequited, surreal notions

The human mind has a vitriolic desire to right itself

Counting upon thought defined

Hopeful the romantic urgency would allow a wealth

Of feeling and desire, that lust

That drives the spirit that writhes the human condition

We all drive the same auto

Seek spiritual solace, senses alive in this simple tradition

Natural beauty is elegant too

All of our capacity to draw the fires of delicious dance

Without the usual verbal traps

Large scale interwoven displays – modern love’s chance

Instant snapshots; time-lapse