And when I go …

(This poem is dedicated to my graduating class of seniors in the drama program)

I will recall you
The laughter, the pain
Black box sermons
The tears in the hallway
Cast postings
You-tube studies
The weekends of process

How did I?
What did he?
Who would think?
Why did she?
Must I?
Where will we?
How could … ?

Sleeping all weekend
Slow departure
Showing up again
Resilient to the touch
Read-through again,
With a smile
Though inside I cried
Yet, I look around
We are all still here.

I will remember you
When you shined in lights
I watched you
Sing with a certain passion
A grace on stage
Grasping your character
Believing your lines
Everyone felt your presence
We all wanted your beauty
We will remember

Our lives intertwined
In spirit
In desire
In a will to be known
A certain validation
Allows growth to become
A central force
Elegant humanity.

I will delight in you
When now we carry the torch
I begin to be
That person
Such talent
I watched you take steps
And hand your reigns to me
In one fell swoop
My day, your day, my moment, your tears
We are together again

Our characters rise and memory gains strength
As we venture forward, and make jest ‘the finale’