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Because We Act


We do everything by the script,

how we manage our morning,

what time we show up,

when we decide to take care of this,

why do we need to live a mechanical life

Imagine if all the gears just stopped,

who would react, and who might run away.

yet, where would they go to find themselves,

perhaps in the woods, eventually they might die,

we do know yet what they have found,

because they never come to retell the story,

we just anticipate, the same way we just know

our world is going to exist as we plan in the morning,

and it will as it does at dusk when our minds expand.

I remember as a child the first I heard the words,

“All the world’s a stage’ I didn’t get it,

I knew it was pretty because that’s what my teacher

taught us about Shakespeare, lovely language.

Tonight while I again wait for that moment,

the crestfallen moon that shines upon my eye,

when I hope to figure out the reason why I want to stay awake

rather than fall into the fear of my dreams,

I wonder really what it means ‘to be or not to be’

I used to construe as death’s finality,

today, I’m wondering if I want to be like you, her, them

what identity do I choose with each morning sun rise.

* photo found on thefilmexperiment

Watch Me Grow

Remember that day

everyone believed you

I’m done with the drama

or was it just drama?

There were moments you were

confused, accused, nearly well,

quite probably,

verbally abused.

And then I watched you rise

your spirit came alive

you became a passionate young woman

who believed she could arise

to any occasion placed before her.

I watched you steal the stage

after weeks of fearing that moment.

A picture worth a thousand words

your smile,

your embodiment of a sprite

dashing across the illusion of a forest

fighting for your life

in the midst of shadows and demons

leaving them all behind

Travel on with light steps

dance because you can

I know, you know and everyone around you

knows and loves that you can!