What’s Really Happening

Ever wonder,

when you look them in the eye,

if their response

is a genuine effort to lie.

A mean-spirited man once said to me,

if you wait around, you die.


Ever wander

through a day and sigh,

just not sure how to complete a moment,

instead letting it pass,

by listening to the tick, a steady reminder,

of every lackluster effort

we decry.


Ever wonder,

what it is like to

find the answer

without actually recognizing why,

said the man,

to the other man,

who thought of the man,

to be lesser than

the Man.

Night Settles

We can all remind ourselves to breathe

when the world around us bestows too much

remember when you faltered

nobody saw you but you told me

so that was kind of like

being seen if you

get what I mean

Get it, do you, do you really

care that much about being seen?

Because the world exists to be noticed

media driven, society given

we are a social media outlet for pain

each and every one of us

every day

wake up to the music

and learn now how to play the game.

You know the adamant one

the fucking game.

whatever you want to call it,

it becomes the same,

and in the morning

we will all wake up

and begin again to roll our wheel across the carpet

in hopes the traction carries us through the room

which is actually the day ahead.

Unless, we work the night shift …

that’s another game altogether now.