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What Vibe is This

There in the moment again,

I felt free,

a sweet elixir of hope dripped from my lips

the very place my demons

would speak

unnatural terrors of their desire for harm.

Oh my mind would carry,

a lesson of time so under wrapped with worry

a fuselage of disdain.

It is YOU I would say

and no one remained in the room,

but over there,

remember then just where

beyond the moment

we’d already begun to encounter,

though some, well one

would wait out the eventuality

of life unresolved and driven

by the pity

of voice.

© Thom Amundsen 9/2021

In My Comfort Zone

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It is where I am every day,

my comfort zone,

I give a glimpse into the world

I see,

every hour of my day,

until the sun does set,

hues change, sky becomes a darkness outside

I cannot see as readily.


Until the morning comes,

then in rain or sunshine, the view the same,

I always see the leaves in summer,

in winter the naked branch, the neighbor’s home,

I see this every day,

it is in my comfort zone …


Where no bombs exist,

shattered windows, glass explodes,

the screams of children barely two,

barely recognizing a reason to fear,

yet they endure,

a daily barrage of human agony,

a tragic reality leaves a shell now,

where a window frame once gave a shield

to the weather, the mortars, the terror, the wind …

carries evil’s wares inside the shadows.


It is where I am every day,

my comfort zone,

I give a glimpse into the world,

I see …


“The World is Watching”

Tradition suggests acknowledge ourselves

In scheme, our spiritual karma wanes,

Like to believe that humanity delves

Where love in peace speaks hopeful gains.


Wild abandon ills principled decline

In our children’s eyes we extinguish fire,

That reckoning once spoke roses and whine

Today, private anguish will less inspire.


Young minds of tomorrow whose direction

We ask to maintain, we demand they thrive

While daily shattered streams are solution.

Sweet anxiety, media minds strive.


In a world, in a place, in a vacuum

Pretense is doomed if we choose to presume.

Peace Alone

When I walk outside today I will see blue skies

perhaps a touch of gray, possible thunderstorms.

I won’t see blood and carnage,

I will not experience the loss of limb

my world ‘today’ does not contain

a cease fire to prevent ripping human lives

apart both physically and mentally.

When I walk outside today, no flying shrapnel

will cross my path or take out my brother

as he stands by my side.

I will not go to the site of a bombing

to identify the lifeless body of my young child.


When I step outside today, I will recognize peace alone,

I may be wracked to the teeth with societal blues

that weigh me down, and become important to my

well being. Really? Does it all really matter?

How am I blessed to be in a country that fights the inane

battle of gun-control, of protecting our own, of shooting

down our neighbor on a Saturday night over a girl’s smile.

Can you imagine the thousands that might trade your life

for that of nightly air raids, and a neighbor loss count.

Or is it really that simple to imagine they want to be

like us over here where freedom is slapped in the face

at every turn. Where our lives matter, their lives

are given to sacrifice and hardship. Maybe they live better.


Perhaps all the spiritual reckoning that we choose to ignore

while amidst the terror and political chaos of war,

along the avenues of frightened nights, and anxiety driven

afternoons, and frozen in my daily steps mornings.

becomes that powerful guiding force, keeps their soul alive.

Who am I to believe that my peace alone is the proper Way.