If I Could …

… I might just decide to disappear,

like a folktale that doesn’t receive


I don’t really wonder about outcome,

that’s not the point actually,

that’s more the reason I just cannot

step off the ledge and fly away today.

Now do trust me conscience when I speak to you,

I will not forgive a soul that believes me,

for this is a fantasy and what better way

to create a story than allow some conflict

to raise some particular alarm.

Imagine if when the dust settled there was nothing wrong,

and the world would continue at a normal beat,

you know, listen, if you bend your ear close,

you’ll get the rhythm – it really hasn’t changed

since whenever a man and woman

discovered their seductive parts

would create more … conflict.

Yet when the ashes do finally blow away

in the wind like the old song goes,

there will be too many memories that remain,

too many moments that suggest

that purpose piece we all struggle to discover

remains a pleasant blue, an iridescent glow

that calms everyone at the end of the day.

So hug me with your words, I will stick around

to watch her grow, to see him succeed,

to share my world with you,

the challenges that give me pause.

If I could … I’ll be right by your side.

Let’s watch the sunrise together, again.

If Words Could Free

If words could free the missing

from the perils of their unknown pain

we might see the streets filled again

with laughter, children, delightful screams.

If words could free the lonely

longing stares in sideways mirrors,

drifting time zones, hurtful glances

might dissipate with passion in our hearts

If words could free the angry

we might see less of the fury

of disconnected families; of nations

wondering why it became so ugly

If words could free the back alley argument,

the ones where people yell

long before they ever understand

we might know a different sort of peace

If words could free the ignorant mind

that seeks to destroy their neighbor

for the color of their skin, we might

then know the reality of humanity.

If words could free the politics

of living with our own beliefs,

then maybe someday we might

understand the human condition.

If words could free we might know love.