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Sunsets Will Remain


While monsters in our midst,

shed sallow contraband upon our mind,

when gathering upon the storm,

seeking shelter beyond the norm,

there is that constant we might recall,

a certain Grace in common language.

for everyone is given cause to learn,

in struggle, sunsets will remain.


We fight the crazies by instinct we know,

the candor of survival a goal,

and yet, in the time of forgotten peace,

how quickly do our souls begin to ache,

searching aimless in a cloud of foil,

unsure of ourselves, little left to convince,

the pattern of response becomes reaction,

yet, quite apparently, sunsets will remain.


Inside the pretty fashion of calm design,

there instills a certain measure of sanity,

our pulse is drawn within the scope

of humankind, the solace being so kind.

Until the fabric begins to wear, shadows tear

away at the still life photograph of sweet bliss.

We cannot always find a way to piece together

our broken spirit. Yet, sunsets will remain.


In the morning, the offer of delight is an energy

we celebrate harmony knowing sunsets will remain.

Silent Sound

Generations in the still of my mind,

refrigerator engines,

the dusty kick of a furnace,

signs of the fall,

the beginning,

when we with shadowed wing

seek refuge from daylight’s demand,

oh to shelter my reality,

another brief respite,

yet knowing steady whir

distant ticking clock,

steady sound settle slow,

we know it will return

all signs of a sunrise,

whether bleak sky or radiant,

our morning has begun.

Anticipate the noise of the day

to have sharp affect upon our day.

Coffee Peace

Outside the wind is sound

the sign of an autumn sunrise

gray clouds heavy

winter’s grasp on reality

hot coffee in hand,

soothe my anxiety,

my refuge from the cold,

a suitable blend in a cup.

Once A Day

On a clear evening,

I did see you,

stellar and large in your elegance,

a natural form of my humility,

glancing my way,

holding court with the world beyond

my eyes.

Once when with pure energy,

your flash of brilliance,

spoke to the water,

trails illuminating a path toward eternity.

I will seek that trail surreal,

always curious,

forever wondering how life moves beyond,

the certainty of your grace,

energy on earth,

as we all are that needy,

in a constant state of usurping

the delight in knowing your soul

will always guide us,

whether sheltered or speaking

in a direct sunrise.

Sun Streaked Sky on Easter Morning


We watched the sunrise on Easter morning.

Crystal clear, God cast hands across the sky,

lifted clouds; memory of shadowing

ills, ¬†sweet brilliance to enhance our why …

When last night our energy seemed quite low

we soon might now in the passing of hours

resolve eternal the fears we all know.

Distant the annals of shame do tower

that streak nearby the coloring high winds.

Our lives today might renew forever

if God in sheer beauty and grace rescinds

the troubled child, whose antics in fever

recall our sorrows and human failure,

while the morning sunlight cries our future.