Summer’s Wonder

In simple minutes I was drawn to you,

a walk, a stroll – complimentary blue.

If told to find the cloud in this sweet sky,

One might imagine naysayers do cry.

Soak in an energy drives home our soul

Believe in the elegance in a summer whole.

I do dance in the steaming heat of victory,

to know that Grace offers my humanity.

Oh to wonder the how and why of a universal

atmosphere we could stand to embrace all

Political Society

The neighbor lady down the street from her

speaks well around election time for sure.

She won’t question her on another day

but the news rather steered her views that way.

Seems the economics of the times call

for unity, with time, before we all fall

inside the cavern; unraveling hope,

the scourge limit our President’s true scope.

Where did our dignity decide to run

while we each day survive inside the sun.

Each one of us another part of life

then how could we all come upon this strife?

There’s a man out there whose ideals are real

Yet she’s convinced his hands are off the wheel.


The Outlier’s Day

When the sun rises on the morning wetlands
A sweet air of wheat and autumn grain
Reminds an observer of a distant memory
Whiling away in the mind of a quiet wanderer
If we could capsule those moments of pleasure
Might then the tenuous tides have a lesser impact?
Shall a life begin anew each day, caressing beauty
Rather than dwell in the sorrows of human frailty?
The world contains secrets dividing equal lives
Causing a strain sending the mind on curious roads
Searching and seething in symbolic mechanical flairs
Created within a spectrum of designed philosophy
Today someone spoke of a need to recognize valued outliers
While shelving normalcy’s preoccupation with abating mortality


A technique in artistry

Raised impression


Brings a moment to life

We see the beauty


In a master’s hands

Elegant lines


Always a story

Being told


In Webster’s words

Or Collier


A comic moment

Is designed


To break the tension

Ease the mind


And today I glance freely

The western sky


And recognize the beauty

Of a common sunset


The relief of another day

Provides a setting


Tonight I appreciate beauty

In human kindness