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Summer is Now a Reflection


I came to realize her days are numbered

the scent of blossom begins to wane,

slowly drawn toward eventual harvest,

night skies begin to shift our eyes

upon constellate cooler streams

of light to suggest her time has come.


In evening breeze we listen clear

the melody of a cricket greeting

Nature’s compelling stronghold

upon this ever changing season.

Symbolic gestures while humanity

will stretch opportunity beyond

the natural course of time.

We do believe we can do this.


Is that a seething comedy of error

to compel, this generated heat

present inside a space of hours

will draw our lives toward fantasy.

An orb of energy plays brilliant

while all about Her gifts recede.


That, natural course of time evolves,

will always leave, swift sated skin.


* photo found on Pinterest

Sweet Summer Rose

© Ester Rogers Photography
© Ester Rogers Photography

When now the time is upon our eyes,

the days of sweet summer beckon

a certain rose twirled inside blue skies,

I feel a wonderful breeze I’d reckon.


When children run the streets so free,

to live another day in happiness

we take for granted our lives might be

alive with very little duress.


With sultry waves of hot wind becomes a need

to shed a monstrous winter’s layers

where here the human body’s desires to heed

might offer true delight in visual favors.


While now each day we choose to meditate

on beaches, on ocean sand’s intense heat,

there is that undying love we do navigate,

that’s passion’s love, her romance we meet.


A simple time, nature’s reward of our lives,

glow sweet melody a stage to dream,

we swoon, dance, when moonlight arrives,

a romantic’s true form; perfect it may seem.


So today’s crimson rose in summer air sweet release

offer each, our lives, our soul’s spiritual peace.

Over Again

It is,

finality, finale, done,

once again, this design,

the cycle of purpose,

the rite of passage,

that notion of forever,

suddenly swept away,

in the throes of exhilarating

release …

Well for some the time has arrived,

when new adventures become responsible direction.

or there is always the opportunity to seek misguided futures.

Perhaps a summer trip abroad,

or a week of close study on learning the trade,

Vacant lockers, empty hallways, only …

the voices we heard the day before remain,

memories we visualize and wonder,

faces begin to blend – one surreal rush of time,

each individual need suddenly lost in time,

we remain hopeful their travels will be fortunate,

while we wait for a few, there’s always a few,

when the gates unlock in the fall.

Happy summer graduates!

Summer energy to be fair.

Sunlight Speaks

Happy are days your rays begin to speak

warming Mother Earth with high energy

We delight now to sermon elegy

toward that polar vortex; nasty bleak

arctic moments driving us quite insane.

guests of your radiance, soothing the dark

icy depths that test our mettle, temps now spark

the cold distant memory. we remain

resilient, passionate, imperfect;

character as the resident withstands,

chills entomb lives where no-one understands

how the human spirit shouts of defect.

Bathe in sprouting flowers happenstance.

Sunlight speaks its flowing rays; relish chance.

Summer Notions

I stood soaking in the rain last night

Weeks of that dry relentless sunlight

Baking our naked soul, hot tarred street

Bodies over tanned, burned by the heat


The apartment feeling summer’s wrath

Long, windless, aching for some draught

Scorching relationships, angst abound

I hadn’t known quite how I’d be found


Last night we knew songs of the evening sky

Gave signs above, the heavens about to cry

Like a sudden storm blankets horizons

Our bodies need for refreshment beckons


Now in winter’s wrath no sunlit amber

As snows melt we will soon know our summer