Peace Today

For desire when waking, arise the sun

We watch the world begin a tomorrow

Can we imagine our lives now begun

Similar vigor, delightful ego.


Wonder the soul cross our paths today

Love seems to permeate all things good

Offset the evil, the shallow display

With kindness, might until energy would


In the dawn of our brief lives, can we please

Recognize elegance, desire in truth

A simple smile, surreal a gift’s ease

Plays fortune to level the notions uncouth.


Our fragile reality, need release

in life we can if we choose speak peace.


When Pain Is Real

No longer is a possibility an afterthought

No deeper can our hearts be further fraught

No more, no more,

We cannot circumvent our cursory passion.


When pain is real, oft consequence the lesser

Paralytic feature while truths shield the confessor

The breathing banter

Escapes with certainty, a frightening fashion.


While judgment acts svelte in universal cloak,

The mind, that human anxiety will love evoke

Takes over with a rigor

Unmatched by an innocence lost in decision.


What really happens when a heart is left broken,

Who might define the brevity of such misfortune.

Toward Slow Motion

I could dance if you ask me to recognize

when we stood alone we were the same

and now tonight, who would seek the wise,

who might find the other has crystal eyes.


How often would we shatter an elusive game

inside lies, suggestive reality

the order of Man called upon we tame

idle philosophy, scrutinized name.


spiritual in ability

forgetful the heart of the orderly

manner we decidedly sweep sanity

beyond the dust and cloud, a travesty.


wakeful cry follows an autumn concern

perhaps new, alight gray matter discern

Knowing Outcomes

What if,

when we get there

while we watch with

eager anticipation,

suddenly somewhere

around our actuality

comes screaming naturally

realistic decisive storms

correct my conclusive

ambivalent apathy.

Seeking nirvana now

seems passe perhaps

without regard for

our own

sanity … if.