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Distance Learning

So, I imagined this happening,

the wave of the virus,

would shut us down,

remove our access to the classroom.


A part of me appreciated the break,

I could still with students,

have a dialogue in the distance,

never contemplated the reality.


Then the news,

the overbearing sentence

of every teacher, every student,

we were suddenly thrown a ball


and we missed, no one could grasp

the nature of our loss,

of their loss

of a world of we miss you.


Here we are now,

a beautiful day,

one would say,

grasp the sunlight’s rays


We are a positive group,

this humanity,

we will endure

like wars and 9/11.


Oh you will not rule us,

please COVID 19,

know we’d rather not assumptions,

we wish everyone to know you.


Wear a mask,

stay at home

wear a mask stay at home

we cannot deny your influence.


We will overcome the nature of this fear,

We must stay together, live our sphere.


when a person cannot

fathom a universe

without meaning.

when having a tomorrow

will bring a fearful


when knowing the truth

seems miles away

safely tucked inside a dream

filled with forgotten keys …


©️ Thom Amundsen 2019

the ‘august’ of my childhood

for I remember when only as a child

I would on a hilltop nearby

cry out my fears alone at the edge of gravel

a pathway held my dreams

and my sanity

for alone I could scream

without being known,

only I might be the wiser

in a world so overthrown

as some confusion,

the medley

of a young boy

nearing his own insanity.


for I would then depart that hilltop,

walk the gravel trail,

return to my world,

this sea of humanity,

claiming to know the truth,

by their actions,

those of which I watched


wishing to find some avenue

a comfort level

would give allowance

to teenage angst rather than a

labeled disorder.


for now might be all the decades of time

the traveling monologues

starlit nights,

and golden sunrises,

clouds might give some detailed reminder

of life as it is

meant only to be lived

rather than caught in some constant

scrutiny of why that determines



My struggles well documented

in the porous fabric of my mind,

tales of which I might


in order that some peace of mind,

peace of mind,

peace of mind,

would that I could piece together

this static fame of mind.


I am in the ‘august’ of my childhood,

oh such is life that took us

on a roller coaster of emotion,

the different degrees of temptation,

obliteration of dreams,

the calming sea of

finding solace

in the truth

that speaks to that

lonesome road

so often felt

yet clearly denied

for sake of some

sweet symbolic stability.

© Thom Amundsen 2019

Suicide and Circumstance

I wonder sometimes,

what little difference remains,

when the human spirit

begins their slow decline.

Are we that easily fallible

we would sacrifice everyone,

is it just that selfish misery,

that creates desire to be gone.

Lost passion, lost desire,

a careful scrutiny blends

our knowledge of a fire

ignites what we aspire.

Yet circumstance unusual

calls upon our strength,

we overcome that burden

strikes us down in fear.

There’s cowardice to pain,

I’m unable to allow any other

recognized sort of value,

to withstand a lost hope.

We all know them well,

their lives when breathing

were an anomaly to death,

until their choice were made.

In mountains we find nature,

in street lights a pattern

shadows of natural light

beaming across our eyes.

If when we decide to live,

to recognize there is a chance

might empower our delight

to grow, to blossom, to alight.


When time allows we need to breathe,

that act of life is our only circumstance.

Slipping Further

© Ester Rogers Photography
© Ester Rogers Photography

We know the mist

when in a morning of indecision,

glance further, hope for a sign,

yet we walk in wander seeing the same.

On an occasional daybreak,

we recognize fog,

a surreal enveloping storm of breeze,

teasing the ground,

to allow our mind to imagine,

a surreal perhaps spiritual mystique.

Speak of its beauty,

in delightful tones,

without any worry,

we watch the heat of morning

soon melt away its special fabric,

and go about our day.

Yet, deep inside the wandering,

when life has allowed us to travel,

beyond the normalcy of time,

into a reflection clouded by judgment,

its there we begin to feel

certain descents, perhaps ghouls

would inhabit our lonely minds.

There in the deep forest

where damp bark in wet soils,

we recall a need to hang on

perhaps use that alternate route,

we might see the distance,

without ever having to experience,

the certain beauty of losing one’s mind.

All About the Tears

Someone told me the other day

seems an easy line to say,

they really did though,

spoke those words

what the suggestion means

one doesn’t know

can only imagine

perhaps use a visual trigger

when everything we do

creates a shockwave effect

that rings a bell countries away,

that wouldn’t actually make a noise

if not for the time he said

a couple of words

and she said

I’ve had enough of you,

and then we both looked at each other

and thought to ourselves,

all those weeks of worry and concern

all the sleepless nights,

the foggy stirring of our coffee

absent to the rest of the world,

just focusing on the grains rising to the top,

in every moment

every part of our day,

we decide,

we know well enough,

the answer long before

we imagine there is a solution,

yet, we present certain obstacles,

those moments of indecision ,

that in our hearts we know,

will ease the reservoir,

allow the waters to flow,

freedom, the urge to release

every obstacle we create.

Enduring Purpose

( – for Belinda )


We have our heart and soul

Tested at every walk of life

For some we might bestow

Always a sense of vocal strife


Though that seems the easy road

There are many who choose to endure

We are magnificent to behold

When our humanity can be clear


I look upon you in your eyes

I see some pain so welled inside

Yet buried is that hurt; so wise

To give yourself to others wide


I only sense genuine delight

When by certain quiet chance

Your ills might be less a fight

While inner peace is your elegance


Strive on and continue, while we our duty

Your eternal strength, we see only beauty.