The Waiting


While a fresh snow caresses

Every opportunity of land around me

I wonder in the quiet shelter

About the breeze that for me offers arousal

To my senses

Like a beating sun on a hot summer’s day

I recognize beauty in Nature’s




My world is far different than yesterday

When every motive drove my heart

Towards goals beyond my reach

Only to allow my soul

To regenerate its fury, pride

Could be felt

While the quiet skies drift slow overhead




The fear that strays inside a mind

When voices remind us of our ills

Still is the night

When all of our ambitions

Become simple memory

Doors that close

Are only journeys that suggest




Is where our intellects seek peace,

When the day’s traffic of completion

The avenues of accomplishment become

Cluttered with material angst

Lost souls

Always remembered but now forgotten

Beauty may stir in our heart




In the arctic blast of winter’s wrath

Her mind remembers home or some

Different time when life could breathe

Yet tonight she will stay warm

Layers of resilience

Will melt away the tears

That pool in the earth below her soul




May cry out to every walking soul

To bury the demons of wealth and avarice

Look to the hurting masses

The sacrifices of our society

Open our hearts

Tonight, tomorrow and through the budding

Of spring’s flower pretty to every eye



We will be recognized when we lay ourselves buried

By the words they use to describe our truly kind soul

No one far away feels fairly near

Wide-open spaces and broken hearts

Remind me of season’s change in March

When the rains would come in torrent

Crossing winds and streams apparent


The leaves were in bloom delicious

A green essence of life anew; A thrush

Will sing melody’s delightful passion

Our spiritual energy begins, takes action!


I stood on a landing and watched the world

Exist, flourish soft a gentle breeze swirled

Certain laughter and excitement and pleasure

Children belong together seeking love rather


Cause my heart to stir with certain fear

When no one far away feels fairly near

Nature’s Patch

(A Patch)

Stepped into the sunlight

Tall grass around me

Imagined if I were to right

My world as the soil below me

I might grow for a time

Feeling sunlight’s energy

I may understand the sublime

Nature of life’s synergy

A long time ago

A good friend of mine

Suggested that when I go

Into the woods sometime

A rock, a branch, a blade of grass

To ponder a time to realize

How special this that will not last

Can be in a certain moment wise

And with each season

We are likely reborn

With all the new reason

As were our lives borne

For now in this moment in this quiet thatch

I lose myself assured within Nature’s patch.