Sweet Harmony of Night

When at night, late chill of fear settling upon the horizon

hearts awake may ache with the nature of tomorrow

‘our bodies, our selves’ are worthy of time to pray

that our lives may live a delightful sparkle of grace.

When as we sense a fatigue we begin to struggle

to maintain our alive eyes that search the mist

of twilight skies, descending upon our minds

telling us our time is nearing an end today.

When then we reflect inside a visual dream

that reality that we speak of so fondly when

alone becomes just that, a cold barren field

of searching threads lost in the thorny branch

When while we stroll the maze of our lives

the tug upon our heart-strings ever present

in wonder as our soul becomes a spiritual guide

that seer of Grace looking out for our fears.

When in the night of day, our lives end again,

knowing we may awaken journey ahead.