This Gathering

I am grateful

To recall the memories

Children running through rooms

A gathering of family

Hopping over the ankles

Brushing shoulders

Quick smiles as we flit by each

Relative that stood in our way


I grew up believing the aroma

Baking, basting, tasting

Always a natural consequence

Of gathering loved ones

While the care in the kitchen

Symbolic of love and festivity

Would offer purpose to the

Acceptable gluttony of spirits


If I were to name you

I’d feel compelled to recall

Everyone that touched me

When gathering I had no clue

How your love would remain

Close to my heart today

On this morning when I ready

My family to celebrate together


I believe then I am wondering

How to include everyone

My memories are vivid

Always a gathering with effort

To recognize each individual

Belonging together in heart and soul

Without exclusion on this day

An occasional stranger appeared … love


When I celebrate memory

I feel certain emptiness stir

Becomes an anxiety I fear

A gathering of lonely and heartsick

Souls wishing for a warm fire

A soft blanket to shelter exposure

I will pray for them in my own way

That peace in God’s eyes may occur


Glance outside and the sunlight’s beauty

Lights a blessed gathering of souls todayfamily-gathering

Three Spirits

I watched her walking

She held the cup with two hands

The look on her face was tired

How often did she need to explain

That her life might be different

On a day to day basis than you or me.


He stands alone, seems to wait

Watching wishing wanting

Though that is theory his eyes

Have a pleading glance as bodies

Move throughout his comfort zone

He may only want to walk away.


And everyday the crowd gathers

Allowing this enigma full of notions

To drift past each story, each dialogue

Eyes that see may not connect

And we only know that a certain energy

Exists and holds a key to explanation


Quiet is each a symbol of truth

Seek the human condition in real time.