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In This Quiet Space

Though patterns seem to exist

the idea of recreating the wheel

pops into mind

every breaking day.

How would lives become independent

with working the reality

of our dreams


How do we step away from routine,

the quiet horror of being

caught up in the mundane

the same old,

the victory just beyond our reach

sometimes unattainable.

In this our quiet space

can we speak to the place,

the origins of a value

that carries our hearts beyond

the simple pursuit we live.

© Thom Amundsen 9/2021

Where Time Lays Path

writer’s cafe


If a measure could suggest definition,

Would we cease succession of passion.

While all around humanity play travails

Might we all become a cutting prevails.


Search the world over for recompense

Only then discover all momentous tense

Realizations begin only again when slow

Mind unyielding decides somehow show.


When in childhood needn’t depend on time

Only marvels and wonder were made of thyme,

A recipe in growth in satisfaction newly gained

When all the others left and just he remained.


In writing, the paths we take are all we release,

In knowing, in hoping, in trial we find peace.

“The World is Watching”

Tradition suggests acknowledge ourselves

In scheme, our spiritual karma wanes,

Like to believe that humanity delves

Where love in peace speaks hopeful gains.


Wild abandon ills principled decline

In our children’s eyes we extinguish fire,

That reckoning once spoke roses and whine

Today, private anguish will less inspire.


Young minds of tomorrow whose direction

We ask to maintain, we demand they thrive

While daily shattered streams are solution.

Sweet anxiety, media minds strive.


In a world, in a place, in a vacuum

Pretense is doomed if we choose to presume.

Unable to Land

This is a dark cavern

like a dream.

Travel in a descent,

the walls are cold and icy


into a long black hole.

A foreboding anxiety

rests on shoulders

knowing only some faith

will allow

a waking moment.

Speed is remarkable

when caught in the cyclone

drifting aimless

wanting only to step off …


Open your eyes

see the wonder

life has offered

on opportunity

floating in space

all fears might erase

that backstory

the narrowing tube

looked like life

might suffocate

your dreams.

Now we are floating

gravity is a notion

as we fly throughout this

open cavern

Now the only concern


where to land.