Probably Ready

When I feel most afraid,

when I want to,

yet haven’t the opportunity,

when looking for my frame

of mind to settle rather than

refuse to allow me to rewind.

That is the key right,

the time

when everything seems to matter,

and until we can find the solution,

we are constantly drawn to the confusion.

Its then that we begin to recognize,

we begin to know,

our lives are determined

by our wrongs as much

as we may try to deny,

those are the contracts,

when met that help decide

how soon we might then,

be ready to acknowledge,

our lives are fallible,

then …

The Crying Gains

While the world continues unsettling staid values,

we seem to remain housed and hungry,

we value our gains to such a silly degree,

we forget there’s a world outside of our blues.


When I allowed my soul to breathe in deep wood

the smell of pine and wet moss aroused me

in Nature I do seek the attention of a free

mind that moves beyond the self loathing that would


bury my pale heart and cause me to then forget

how simple the leaves, how sweet buds hath

blossomed, deep in the forest away from wrath;

we may feel cleansed, less burden, less a target.


Look upon one another, please look for the smiles,

help them to be real, a genuine glee

if then that moment can be made free

then crying, the sudden rush of time speaks miles.


I stroll through concrete shadows, the lives we lead

in wonder of pain, while we seek some remains

of our integrity, character, these are my gains

if only there might be hope to cinder the greed.


My heart plays the rhythm without release

of the turmoil, the fear, the truth,

oh to understand then the ruth-

less nature, that human anomaly sans peace.

Finding Peace


We remain undefined as lives evolve slow

methodical paths …

She has a mechanical outlook

allows the world to travel around her

without ever interfering,stepping inside

her own personal concept of happy.


He seeks an ultimate response

to constant questions that remain in  mind

with every day

each waking hour

wondering just how the world

might operate

function outside his conceptual

already determined world.


We wonder when we follow,

will our soul know

just how far it is away,

miles or right nearby that self-effacing reality.

Seems an ambivalent course,


perhaps that is,

that might be how.

When we imagine too much,

are we settled already on a path?


Glance inside a happy dream

and decide then,


has that dream been found,

fulfilled with an exterior smile,

or might we call it real today,


What moment did our lives

become what we were imagining?


I listen to the blues,

I watch the world around me,

and each day,

well every hour,

I wander.

Outside my lonely heart echoes

to feel that energy,

to help me travel beyond my

entry way.

That catch word,


of a human fallacy.

For what is our necessary tool

to knowing the mind’s real freedom,

might very well


might certainly see

a future

within our ‘owned’

state of mind;

that place that out there will tell you quiet

in your own private world

you are already there,

finding peace.