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When My Father Cried

It was the changing season,

a tragedy,

we were all crying,

dumbfounded and surreal

the moments ahead


He was heart-broken

no place to stand or sit or feel,

just simple pain,

always and forever,

misty eyed and helpless

to the reality of the human condition.

He’d been tested,

he’d been traumatized,


ships passing in the night,

his words to soothe,

his reaction lost in agony.


How could the world ever be normal again,

when his son had left to travel,

and nearby,

a consoling brother,

a relative of sorts in marriage,

in a consoling gesture,

suggested a distraction.


How might he react any other way,

then lose faith in humankind,

when the soul of his world,

remained lost in the mechanics.

There is heartbreak to be noted,

when one’s dream

suddenly fades

while all of those around

have no idea the strain.

Indescribable Love

When everything else is put aside,

the need to have is forgotten,

the eye on the prize becomes a secondary notion,

for the forefront becomes our living breathing soul


she was born into our world

suddenly vulnerable in need of touch,

we did reach out

I held my little girl and everything around me

suddenly softened.

I didn’t know any other need beyond

having a cry,

because just then I suddenly knew love,

and she needed me more than I could ever possibly

need anything else.


her eyes were blue and the search had begun,

I looked inside to marvel in her beauty,

her real spontaneity,

her independence while being held,

cradled in our arms,

she was suddenly free,

without ever turning back,

she might go forward,

we would hope and pray,

and she did,

though there is the occasional turn and reflection,

she always knew her way,

allowed us to follow.


From that day forward we walked with her

delightfully met later by him,

and we all walked together,

indescribable love.

When Priority Screams


When that was real and time suddenly slowed,

I stood alone, I wondered, I couldn’t hold


my own, I needed a shoulder, somewhere to talk,

couldn’t imagine the fear in every step I would walk.


The blur of what was seemingly important just

minutes before, became a trivial memory of dust.


When I look in your eyes, I only know I have a want

to be by your side, to hold you, to be your gallant.


I cried a little bit today when later I heard the news,

I didn’t know that suddenly my life would speak blues.


We’re fortunate to know our lives have brought us here

in a place where love and time and passion lives so near.


I look at you my beautiful son and wish that any fear,

might realize delightful relief in the eyes of a single tear.