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For There Is Love


We are taught to know love,

a spectacular spiritual solemnity

we embrace


wander through our lives

with a constant

in some evaluative sojourn.


We know lives

touch the spirit of others

in quiet encounters

a silence can speak so

tenderly in its clarity

to know her,

answer him,

wander through a myriad

of human condition

centered proclivities.


Yet in the quiet

of loss

of tragedy

of the knowledge

we do not have,

though sometimes protest

to hold the key

to why it is

who we are

what we might become

in such judgment

we can never really know

beyond our ability

to show compassion

in the eyes of hope


For it is this confusion that draws

the most stolid heart to tears.

Finding Peace


We remain undefined as lives evolve slow

methodical paths …

She has a mechanical outlook

allows the world to travel around her

without ever interfering,stepping inside

her own personal concept of happy.


He seeks an ultimate response

to constant questions that remain in  mind

with every day

each waking hour

wondering just how the world

might operate

function outside his conceptual

already determined world.


We wonder when we follow,

will our soul know

just how far it is away,

miles or right nearby that self-effacing reality.

Seems an ambivalent course,


perhaps that is,

that might be how.

When we imagine too much,

are we settled already on a path?


Glance inside a happy dream

and decide then,


has that dream been found,

fulfilled with an exterior smile,

or might we call it real today,


What moment did our lives

become what we were imagining?


I listen to the blues,

I watch the world around me,

and each day,

well every hour,

I wander.

Outside my lonely heart echoes

to feel that energy,

to help me travel beyond my

entry way.

That catch word,


of a human fallacy.

For what is our necessary tool

to knowing the mind’s real freedom,

might very well


might certainly see

a future

within our ‘owned’

state of mind;

that place that out there will tell you quiet

in your own private world

you are already there,

finding peace.

Searching for You!

Am I searching for you?

Do you care about whether we


find the strength

to ever naturally discover


in our own lives?

We choose to live upon


soul searching journeys


traversing lands and marvels


medleys to focus known limitations


Our reality is much simpler

than we allow ourselves, our lives, our worlds

to believe.

We complicate our desire

with false promises

slowly drawn out fantasies


far outweighing Nature’s boundaries.


We wonder in spectacular fashion

your eyes

your soul

your spiritual welcoming

in a delicious manner

we realize

while venturing

seeking that special reckoning


have been with us


all along the avenue

Upon This Day


If truth were a double-edged sword, I might be a dead man

For I do remember very little that I want to recall

About those days ….

When I try to ascertain the mood of the moments then

I am well to understand only glorified journeyed musings

About those days …

We are a simple lot that lives by the delights that suggest

Our misgivings and frailties will be measured for years

About those days …

I listen to rock and roll ballads that allow me to travel

Surreal in the mystique of how well my mind may reflect

About those days …

“Sing with me just for today, the good Lord take you away”

Caresses my mind while I dance to the tune’s sermon

About those days …

Yet here we are struggling on a daily basis to understand

What plan lies ahead, what decisions to begin to recall

About those days …

We know so much more today than we did yesterday

And we wish we might reflect upon new improvements

About those days …

We do know without comment that our lusts and dreams

Will continue to be the carrot on a string screaming hope

About those days …

Wisdom and time become the masters of our universe

Seeking truth that may certainly guide our sojourn’s path

Upon this day!