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Snow Swept Surreal


Laughter while holding hands dance the avenue

Crunching paths of fresh laid powder in view

Soft glaze of ice to melt desire’s cheek

When passion’s eyes together would love seek.

I could walk forever with you this night

Amidst tinsel and adorned Christmas light;

Seemed just ahead a corner’s quiet road

Might lose strength and the moment swift erode.

Chill swept across the cobblestone facade

Soon suggests, scolds this intimacy odd.

We are alive in one another’s dream

Holding court yet tossed to the side we seem

Misfortune in winter’s arctic release,

Somber dust, silvery wise; Nature’s peace.

Summer Notions

I stood soaking in the rain last night

Weeks of that dry relentless sunlight

Baking our naked soul, hot tarred street

Bodies over tanned, burned by the heat


The apartment feeling summer’s wrath

Long, windless, aching for some draught

Scorching relationships, angst abound

I hadn’t known quite how I’d be found


Last night we knew songs of the evening sky

Gave signs above, the heavens about to cry

Like a sudden storm blankets horizons

Our bodies need for refreshment beckons


Now in winter’s wrath no sunlit amber

As snows melt we will soon know our summer

Ode to Winter – a sonnet of sorts


We have endured your grasp on our nature

Many mornings, many degrees we shiver

Our lives adjust not wandering further

Beyond the safe restraints of near shelter


Some who may less desire Mother’s capture

Will live mortal lives alone and whither

Upon a cold arm’s caress in Winter

Forever frozen fueled by His rapture


Society screams sentiments abound

Everyone shouts pain and complains aloud

‘Such seasons shall send me south’ yells a crowd

Chilled margaritas and white sands are found


Glance the sunlit beauty snow forms in light

Sweet smitten, tonight Her dance will delight

Wild Skies

Feel life brisk

High pressure settle in

Crisp, autumn morning

With blasts

Draping serious skies

Winter’s scorn is upon us all

A heaviness basks in air

Time now

Time asks for preparation


When once we were alone …


Quiet morning  sun piques behind

Wandering winds

Haunting as the settling sky

Corrals summer’s eve

While we wait upon

A long and slow March

The dusty road turns cold …


The winds of autumn reckoning

Each season’s sweet serenity