Game Changers


When I was a kid

If a girl wanted to …


Romance …

I sometimes recall those moments

Took courage rather than a quick,

If ever I believed in your beauty

I needed to show up on your door …


Today …

Tell me if it is difficult to know,

To recognize a person is real

By a snapchat that disappears

With the reality of a possibility …


Yesterday …

I could sit in bed and delight

Knowing the smile you left me

As we stepped away at school

How lovely you might be in your…


Privacy …

A world that in my imagination

Remained sacred containing

Only the beauty and elegance

My fantasy might create …


World …

Every device in our hands

At our fingertips gives us time

To connect across the universe

And yet our human condition …


Imagine …

“You may say I’m a dreamer

But I’m not the only one

I hope someday you’ll join us

And the world will be as one…”      -Lennon


Passion …

Years ago my sister taught me

This word is bigger than it sounds

We have an opportunity to live

We have a responsibility to give …


Music …

It drives our lovely soul and body

I move as my words hit the paper

I feel with a delicious responsive

Desire to be real, and live life free …


We continue to recreate the wheel, we will

In our vanity, our fears, our … planetary ills

Social Media Construct

Used to carry a pencil

Then a pen

A pager; then a brick that dialed numbers.

A typewriter

That suddenly had a scrolling banner


One day while sitting in a café

With a notepad and my pencil

I kept looking your way

Wondering if you might …


Today, there is little romance in our eyes

We believe what words we send to one another

With perhaps an added feature

Snapchat, IOS, Tumblr, Twitter

Imagine how granny or gramps might react

When we tell everyone our communication

Has come down to counting on a Twit

To let us know how to live through the hour?

I have no Pinterest in recognizing this mania

Bring me back the old parchment

The messy ink that made things real

Rather think about it

Then come to realize

My share is a permanent

Statement that all eyes may interpret howsoever

The world around me desires.


One day while sitting in a café

My coffee spilled

And the words blended with the paper

Losing their impact

Yet I knew their meaning

Now lost in memory

Forever preserved

In a quiet moment

While the bells of a romantic notion

Played rhythms in my mind

As eyes shared time

Smiles followed

Our love became intertwined by this sunny afternoon

And a delicious energy of unbridled passion

We found our lives together across the room