She Gives Me Real

When it happens I can smile,

not a knowing I am right sort of

trivialized agreement,

far more this sanity we all try to live

yet seldom understand


I remember once being told

we ought not ever ask,

only allow

let the circumstance be not our own,

only cast the open freedom

to salvage respect

rather than beg a


leaves us wondering


I m grateful

she told me then in simple terms,

her smile.

©️ Thom Amundsen 4/2021

If You Smile, Intend It

I have walked into your world,

watched your smile direct traffic,

I have known the outcome afterward,

when the world continues alone.


If you smile, they might appeal

to the soft nature of your character.

If you smile we all can breathe

together in the silence of a melody.


When the world does dance quiet,

there are listeners in every shadow,

the meaning of a passionate desire,

begins in grace – centered focal point.


So go ahead, wake up to a smile,

stretch the moment beyond today,

let the onlooker see there is real,

in every opportunity along the way.

I Wonder About Time

I mean in years your eyes haven’t changed

oh there’s the brow, the lines of endearment,

but the vision, the deep soul of passion,

that’s what I want to continue to see,

I could go forever without being near you,

yet suddenly in the dash of a moment,

your eyes,

their spiritual ambience, their need to remain real,

their pockets that hold your tears,

why I can’t imagine any reality of the human condition

to be more beautiful,

a quiet innocence that continues to grow

will always provide some vision of delight

when you smile.

Happy Father’s Day


When I think of days I remember you,

I think of stature, a man in the kitchen,

always ready with a smile,

a look,

a glance,

to indicate your quiet awareness,

of everyone around you.


I remember the day we sat together,

while you told me about a guy

named Satchmo,

and there he appeared,

on the Lawrence Welk hour,

I was playing the notes on my trumpet,

my lesson for the day,

Red River Valley,

and I looked at you,

to see just a bit of a tear,


and my old man showed me there he was real,

you said to me then,

“you keep playing like that and you’ll be as good

as, well, you could sound like, Louis Armstrong.”

I knew you were just trying to love me, your son.


You got up from your chair

went quietly back to the burgers,

in the kitchen that place we always remember

standing with a grin,

Dad in the kitchen,

with an elegant smile on his face,

where a very brief tear remained,


he’d listened to his boy, me Pops,

play a youthful rendition of Red River Valley.

I won’t forget that day Daddio, much like I cannot

possibly ever forget you.

Happy Father’s Day my Papa.

Take good care of the road ahead for all of us coming your way.


In our world,

we hang by a string,

only that, a thread of despair,

measures our resilience, fortitude, confidence.

Yet every day,

with each waking hour,

when we see a smile,

without ever knowing what created that

we simply walk away,

in acceptance,

when we see tears, that don’t get in our way,

we imagine


is a sense of worth, a seeming reality,

… enough to get us all to the other side.

We Were Smiling (inspired by Tinsley Ellis)


Just another day,


we were smiling,

a lasting sunlight,

I remember the day,

a golden meadow field


our usual place,

we were smiling,

I  knew there were painful moments,

but just today, let’s keep  it,

let’s go with the sunlight,

let the smiles remain,

those are so delightful,

your smile, alone,

I remember

watching you move ahead,

a slow, delightful pace,

I could just watch you,

I love to,

love to just watch you,


Just another day,

I was watching you move,

I couldn’t see your smile,

I wanted only,

to watch you move,

we were

we were steady back then,


A gentle breeze,

and there was sudden,

in a manner of a moment,

I could feel there was a,

some sort of a change,

I saw your smile,

but it contained,

a sadness,

that I could feel,

but didn’t know,

watching you,

I loved to watch you,

I was watching you

know that was love;


searching for your smile,

I was watching her,

watching as she did,

walk away.

We were smiling,

on such sunny days,

I just can’t remember when.

I try to find her,

look around me,

listen for the sounds

that rhythm that was


I keep on searching for that certain,

way of living,

I love the way she smiled.

Touched By Real




He smiled and the world listened

if only for a moment

when everyone else seemed driven and lost.

On a spring morning

He appeared around the corner and changed my direction,

I was suddenly moved by you.

Your spirit, your energy, your passion

Your beautiful grin

rather simply shouted

‘I’m awesome’


We need to talk about moments like this

When surfing the hallways

Wondering what faces we’ll meet

Circling the corners

Weaving through bodies

Noticing only backpacks and bad mullets

Rather than human expression

The eyes that bear our souls,

Safely tucked away

‘I’m scared’


They said he was a nice young man.

Wherever he went actually

people laughed and praised

his actions, moral fiber, self-guided discipline.

Always happy,

content toward anyone that met

him in a moment, one of those times

we always wonder just how we react

to the reality around us.

‘I’m nervous’


She would wonder where her

friends were

while waiting with well meant


until the last bus left the station.

Then she might wish there were

other bodies around

so her soul wouldn’t feel so naked

in the cold winds of mourning.

‘I’m alone’


Shine and ravish when the moment allows true elegance

Splendor’s human love holds our heart in the spring rains