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In Darkness There is a Blue

Trying to find that color,

searching since a child,

I remember gatherings

with friends my age and teenage elders,

those we all wished to emulate,

sitting amongst ourselves,

laughs, giggles, smiles,


every aspect of the human condition,

would enhance this sensation,

our sensory being.


I could lay in the middle of a field

soft whisper of midnight breeze

look at the sky, the miles of sky

stars and occasional glints of light,

a shooting star where a wish is missed

so then in that singular moment

a self-critical adamant fear

begins to sweep through the forest

the moment gone now,

left feeling cold in a farmer’s field.


Twenty years later, or even more now,

decades of afterthought,

the what-ifs, whens, why nots, the who …

we all want to care about something,

and yet,

lost as I could with every search of word,

would it matter at all,

if one day,

the words just failed to appear.


I wonder the beauty of a blue horizon,

is it a state of mind or some intricate light show.

© Thom Amundsen 10/2020

An Autumn Sky

Oh we do see the autumn of our lives

each season holds promise to the wise,

ah, to breathe sordid remnants of summer

where twilight body bathed in hot slumber


Now to wander in the mind inside a travel

on sunsets and rises we felt could unravel.

That perseverance such is humanity fierce

that will always sing its harmony in verse.


When does love on this earth become sweet

how silence in the rain may venture in sleet,

yet still do our eyes have wells, a dignified cry

would we let a mist cleanse face in gray sky.


An ashen wind in the west a foreboding scenery

while our sacrifice weep, sweet is aging silvery.

© Thom Amundsen 9/12/2020

To Reach The Sky

When on a walk one early summer morn

A man began to think of life beyond

He paused to watch while children so forlorn

Seemed occupied in games they thought so fond.


While certain parts of life seem unattained

If standing here today would measure love

Then all the man would need to feel restrained

Might be a song, a cooing of a dove.


Where have the days begun to slide away

A man who stands alone knows no despair

Yet when the people call there is this way

The sky becomes the answer though we swear.


To gather storms to help define a sky

Would leave the afterward a silent cry.

Just Waking – A Sonnet

Ester Rogers – Duvet Covers

When the skies are meant to design my day

Reflect upon the chosen roads carve my way

While shadow the puddles from the rains

Remind ourselves as we joyful splash remains


Soothe the eyes inside restful morning’s light

Awaken the dreams, desires, places we might

Satisfy our needs as we discuss the hours beyond

Afford your agonies their place to be your bond


Body and spirit, we celebrate in new achievement

Pretty is the mind whose fleeting an ideal element

Become inspiration, a giving soul, no takeaway now

Pretend is a callous yet thoughtful singular vow


When skies in their solemn grey will quiet release

When wonders we alive choose carefully quiet peace.


*photo credit – ester rogers

Twilight Speaks


I wait for these moments,


when some how I begin,

there isn’t a way to describe

the need for expression to find

an outlet that feels right, feels

just almost like a fine thread

being needled through a canvas,

an artist’s sketch,

a Van Gogh perhaps in the mind

of that person creates the image.

A certain melody,

a memory,

perhaps a loss, yet somehow new gains,

the world begins to tick again,

stillness no longer impactful.

We need motion,

always to move forward so when upon a step backward,

we might patient in our minds, figure out a new step.

In every night’s twilight,

I can almost get there, oh so close,

so very much next to me, yet just out of reach,

always, beyond my scope, enough to have me question,

why is it I am so compelled to ignore the stars.

Beauty is Love

picture found on 'poem a day'
picture found on ‘poem a day’


We try to define our concept of beauty

in glamour and complement, rich in hue

yet wild while indecisive fear give plenty

to insecurity we are left feeling only the blue


We pattern our actions to design a facade

masks that some would protest to be real

when examined difficult arguments we’d laud

this is our truth yes, we have no shame to steal


Walk alongside one another on a sun streaked

morning to realize we all glance quite the same way

no matter our exterior coats we have so tweaked

all contain swift reality we all cherish with our day


stand close now to glance together the sky above

delight, cherish, explore sweet landscapes in love

Time Release

Inside a profound fog,

the sort that speaks,

silent as a breeze,

noticeable along the way,

are the many realities we sometimes,

try to pretend away.


Walking alone I might understand,

there is little nearby to disturb my pace,

yet my same state of mind,

wants to survive inside the maelstrom

of a city sidewalk during lunch hour.


When time allows our lives,

to pause,

to brief respond to the ills,

to make a moment feel alive,

when clarity seems easily



When did all the clouds go away,

the visible atmosphere in sudden motion,

carefully drawn across a midwestern landscape.

Then how will a crystal blue sky

ever make it possible to imagine,

there once were shadows,

created nearby,

when lives seemed to exist alone.


Time release my soul to pray, in laughter,

while the ills I spent hours fearing, slowly …

Stand Still

Watch the skies move above

crystal clear summer night

each star with a story

making connections

to a childhood,

an adulthood,

that should suffice our need.

Yet, we wander

wanting more from the sky

this permanence of delightful clusters

a white streak across our night

allows us to imagine

something much greater than ourselves.

Then why this stand-still

this frozen temperate of self-driven


this albatross of heavy rings around

our shoulders that is a weight

one greater than any pressure

we may ever endure, yet as light

as a soft breeze on a cool

summer night.

Stand still

look up at the sky

and for the night

let go.

Who Might Decide?

the rains fall

covering naked skin

wet, nourishing, cleansing

light taps on window sills

asking to be felt by fingertips

tracing their moisture in rivers.

If we don’t feel the water

there is no purpose to the storm.

Our hearts can easily break

in free moments

when we decide to leave

our shelter behind …

truly weather the storm

that turbulence that causes any Man

human with real reaction

to reflect in glance

imagery in soft puddles that remain

as memory to recall

actions in prior travels.

Remember when mom said

‘where your rain gear’

and you did

but only because it looked good.

Who will decide when the rains fall

how the sky might shatter our world.