A Quiet Travel Reveal

I walked through a mall the other day,

only to find a way out,

you see caught up in the melee

of a holiday spray,

I couldn’t discover an easier way.

I thought of all the people nearby,

each of them finghting to find their way,

we were all in a box

with windows and registers and products

of gold for the moment of reveal,

that later would become

just another reminder

of why or because we do feel.


I walked through the mall today,

noticed the exit and went about my way.

Who Do We See?

The other day

shopping at the market,

I watched a crowded disorder,

wanting food,

nourishment, the stuff of champions.

We are all always looking,

trying to find formulaic happiness.

Have a walk and try to look in their eyes,

what we see,

when paying close attention,

while in the grocery store line,

a normal place,

good irony to convince ourselves,

life is finding a common ground.

I took a walk on a sunny afternoon,

the world came alive just in that quick moment

everyone I could see would smile,

breathe in the energy of a day.

At least that’s the way it should be,

in my neighborhood.

I don’t really know about others.

The Darker Reality


In America,

We celebrate with a feast

All of our lives

Are wrapped together

In a few hours of dinner celebration


In America,

Someone is crying


Away from the eyes they hide their pain



In America,

We drive fine vehicles

Wear designer gowns

Winding black ties on our collars

While sipping fine wines


In America,

The winds are biting

As a cardboard shelter

Provides little security

The hours creep slowly again


In America,

We will shop in droves

Just after midnight

And while a needy soul

Lays nearby, we’ll boast about

Our tent outside of Best Buy


In America,

Our lives are no different

In America we love freedom

On Thanksgiving night

In America … pray for us all