The Last Time I Checked

There was purpose in my day,

a willingness to share,

yet the constructs of a certain way,

would often interfere,

well, just my luck.


I often walk away this way,

the drive home,

a long enduring road,

looking around to see,

if anyone else might be my way.


I lack the fortitude

one might easily say

to perhaps whether the storm

may be the cause of me,

or certainly the human way.


There always is that possibility

of just getting past all of the

hypocrisy, the second guessing,

the idiocy inherent

with wondering just where we are.


I walked inside a world

why, just the other day,

where a little girl would cry,

her story breaking the hearts

of everyone inside her day.


And then, I wondered again,

while walking away,

is it just me,

or is life meant to be compelling,

in whatever manner He choose.

Racism is Simply Ugly

John Pisone video and Racism  (click to watch video)

I think if you look at the expression of sheer wonder in the woman’s face wearing the green hood, this is a strong indication that we are clueless of the people we stand next to in unity for similar causes. When I hear a person say racism doesn’t exist in our society – the first person that comes to mind for me, is me. I wonder about my actions, my attitude, my point of view, and whether anything there lends to an attitude or mindset that would favor a racist frame of mind. I‘m human, I make mistakes, I try to correct them and move forward.

The part of this video that disturbs more than anything is else is that this guy, is correct, in his assessment of ‘the underbelly’ of our society, but he is speaking incorrectly of the group that creates the most turmoil or anxiety as we go forward with a braggadocio of a frontrunner for political office who is actively in every word, every comment, every television byte, suggesting it is ok to be an a**hole towards others in our society.

This video should be shared. Who cares that this moron lost his job, the bigger issue is the people that are listening to him. Please share and open everyone’s eyes that you believe cares about a more respectable society in our lives.

It’s the beginning of a new year – why not start now.