Let’s start with an average day

sunglasses, scarves, sweatshirts, scenery

books, and newsprint, magazines and thick look.

Well, kindles and IPADS, laptops – usually new


huge minis, air, and Androids

with no invasive notions happening today

unless you sit nearby,

then perhaps you get the look.


always black,

say it freely and without reservation.

I like my java

black as night,

black as the strongest memory of a nightmare last night,

black as that guy over …

unless you sit nearby.

Moments that leave a bitter taste.


When you think about it,

we all join the movement.

What if we sat down,

without the quiet corner

wicker chairs pulled together,

whispers behind the bricks

when we then might share one another?

Just for today.


Could bring us altogether, a new journey

calling out our souls

choosing opportunities to ignite

chance fires of interaction worth desire,

unless you sit nearby …

You might actually overstep boundaries.


Would you like a little room?

Make it light please,

a shot of mocha,

my favorite blend

a depth charge too, please

To help my day with a jump-start,

Unless you sit nearby …

Then I might have to converse with you,



I Love …

I really do love you

See ya later,

Love ya,


Good luck tomorrow

I hope all goes well

Love ya,


I wish I could be there

I miss your smile,

Love ya,


Would you make sure

The noise is driving me crazy

Love ya,


How many times do we say it?

Yet, right now, it feels so real

Love ya,


We wonder if what we are doing

Really is the right thing

Love ya,


Now some might argue

The words themselves

Are too often repeated

To such degree

They lose their value

However long and hard

We truly believe

The moments are clear

When we’re alone

We might notice them more

And we’re frequently reminded

And told and asked and, and, and, …


Love ya!