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Why Shakespeare?

Because acting is life. With every good playwright we find the realities we endure being played out on stage to help us understand. Without knowing the consequence, the moment needs to find reason, and if done properly, can teach all of us something. That is the beauty of theater. That is the marvel of Shakespeare.

I often in my classroom, whether it be English or theater would reference Romeo & Juliet. There is a scene where the star-crossed lovers cannot be with each other yet have each other in their hearts to a point of obsession. I will ask my class, or perhaps my cast, have they ever experienced waiting for someone? Have they known the anxiety of not knowing? When Romeo shutters himself in his bedroom, is that like putting on a headset and tuning out the world? Would both fathers reach out to friends to find out the state of mind of their children? All of these questions relate directly to our lives today. They speak to the anxiety that our children go through on a daily basis – much like the same for adults. So why is it so important we see that played out in the script and inflections created by actors on stage? It tells a story.

Our lives are stories, each and every one of us has experience. If not, then the likes of Neil Simon, Lorraine Hansberry, August Wilson, Arthur Miller, Toni Morrison, Joyce Carol Oates could not be embraced in the manner their words are heard. If not, then William Shakespeare would be just another hack. The truth is though every one of these names speaks to the human condition. Only a few have been mentioned, so many more exist and continue to evolve. The beauty of Shakespeare is his words and moments lifted our emotional bearing in a way that is hard to argue allows us to relate to situations that are as real now as they were centuries ago. Sophocles wrote of the demise of power with great reliance upon human interactions to suggest the deceit that can bury a society or at least mar their credibility.

Today is Shakespeare’s apparent birth date, so it provides reason to be grateful for his words and how they have become statements of who we are in today’s world. Who we are in his eyes of culture a long time ago in an English language often misconstrued. Shakespeare belongs on stage, and it is the mannerism, the expression, response of the actor on stage that lets the audience know there is evidence to the nature of life. We talk of existential crises in our lives, and look to find Shakespeare has played out the catharsis in some scene or soliloquy witnessed in its raw form. The actor is alive on stage..

When we think back to that moment with Romeo & Juliet experiencing teenage lives, imagine how students today go through the same. What better knowledge gained than playing out these lives on stage, with all the emotion and intellect of a simple analogy of the human spirit? The genius of a playwright deserves a lauding on their birthday.

The irony is the next scene in his day.

© Thom Amundsen 4/2022

Love Inside Fraud


If I were a fraud, would that I might be color-soaked,

Drawn by the anxious merchant is thought provoked.

What urgency in my soul each day cause true agony

Could reveal the nature of my heartbroken symphony.


In crimson drippings of sanity lost in majestic horizon

While the Teflon magic of society maintain provision,

Wilt quiet soul traumatize judgment in kindred spirit

A quest, a desire, perhaps to best ill-found in dispirit.


On the monster in mind; fallacy in passionate embrace

For to ever understand why we would question a face.

As the robe gives way to society drawn to stoning mood

Might the humanity of sacrifice question a sullen brood.


For in the fakery of life we all might shadow a release,

To know full love will alter horrific talons, breathe peace.

Because We Act


We do everything by the script,

how we manage our morning,

what time we show up,

when we decide to take care of this,

why do we need to live a mechanical life

Imagine if all the gears just stopped,

who would react, and who might run away.

yet, where would they go to find themselves,

perhaps in the woods, eventually they might die,

we do know yet what they have found,

because they never come to retell the story,

we just anticipate, the same way we just know

our world is going to exist as we plan in the morning,

and it will as it does at dusk when our minds expand.

I remember as a child the first I heard the words,

“All the world’s a stage’ I didn’t get it,

I knew it was pretty because that’s what my teacher

taught us about Shakespeare, lovely language.

Tonight while I again wait for that moment,

the crestfallen moon that shines upon my eye,

when I hope to figure out the reason why I want to stay awake

rather than fall into the fear of my dreams,

I wonder really what it means ‘to be or not to be’

I used to construe as death’s finality,

today, I’m wondering if I want to be like you, her, them

what identity do I choose with each morning sun rise.

* photo found on thefilmexperiment

Good Night Wordsmith

The clock seeks the hour to change the day,

yet left here alone in the repose of hours gone by,

remind me of this time again,

this (winter) of discontent,

that somewhere in our universe

there were the start,

the repeat,

the accentuation,

of words,

that wordsmith,

the Bard might celebrate

with a pint,

unknowing he would be


in study and emulation

in rhythm and human condition

to raise an eyebrow upon

every role we adventure,

centuries later.

Freestyle Romance

Would you believe there are new words to live

By? When we exchange dialogues that give

Notice to conversations and pleasant

Interludes, nuance. Styles speak in recent


Tones; we all desire to communicate

Scintillating fashion challenges – wait

While rendezvous of syntax turns awry,

Apathy holds with ignorance we cry.


A sunlit afternoon appeals the I,

Suggesting inspirations for just why

We will have romance with our dialogue.

In love’s manner, relish the epilogue


For in our words the beauty of our fires

Light candles that beckon our heart’s desire.

Seeking Solace

Respond to all within sweet moment’s need

Suddenly drawn to resolving a quiz

The mind will venture further in its greed

Real as such savors a temperate breeze

In Man whilst heart is in common display

Venture forth that desire to recognize

Validation may cause the mind to sway

Beyond our normalcy; what love belies

Human spirit tests Her society

Mystique will question a sublime author

Whose world drives are willed while the wanderer’s

Own ability grieves wide beyond fears

Her eyes might depend upon sweet lovers

Beauty regards grace in His elegance

While our solace suggests seeking new chance