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Suddenly Settled

He watched quiet

a dog running

safely sequestered

in a dog park.


Look at the gentle sky

outside his window.

Sunlight crystal crossing snow,

he does breathe.


Last night candles

brought a peace

an unanticipated

trip into seclusion.


Stood inside

a garrison

of afterthought

wondering what now.


An opportunity knocking

take advantage and run.

The benefit of self

exploring new diamonds.

©️ Thom Amundsen 12/2021

When Society Chooses Self

We do pronounce our selves in an elitist light,

Always to suggest ours is the more important route,

Forever drawn by goals to merit personal might

We seem destined to burn, a wrath soon flames out.


When lives become the natural course of a purpose,

Seems suddenly we chart a distance toward a freeing

Way of life, that sort that blends in melody – sweet verse.

We touch the sky with certain aptitude while believing.


Always a current turmoil seems certainly human design

When to measure reasoning, we cannot forget the blind

Ideal that gives primary focal point its inherent sign,

Suggests our lives are only a temporary quest we remind.


Oh to undermine the truer sense of what concludes a life

Is to know no end to the current belief in a selfish strife.

Remember How Tears Form

Matters little the scenario

Form has the same motive

A welling reality

Quiet repose

Soft rains on gray morning

Sunshine while we stroll alone


I remember, then, when the music played

My every thought was reminders of then


Certain lyrics call out names

Reminders of older games

While we interpose life

Purpose we are always

Seeking solutions in solace

Weeping in hidden causeways


We all deliver epiphany like memoirs

Together the human condition speaks


And when our heart responds

To suggest allowances exist

While the world demands in finite

Terms representing our souls

Departure from social norms

‘Tears may flow’ wept the sage


A departure from our normal resilient

Self reflects the moment feeling reacts