Wonder Highways

How many hours spent

rolling wheels

distant sunlight

turns to slow sunset,

miles away,

traveling forever,

I remember the endless

glance to the sky,

waiting for the next …



Always did  wish

for some reprieve,

back of heads,

one smoking,

the other in a similar

place 40 years later,

we were isolated

in our own travel



There lies beyond

our reach, well,

my reach really,

some answer,

a proclamation,

a sudden reality

wavering in the sky,

just beyond our eyes,

yet there it is,

speaking silently,

looking like some



Searching for My Muse

Like a composer
The words are the keyboard
Fingertips draw out sounds
Searching for a release
Finding the right
To suggest the feeling
The emotional drive
That gives strength to definition
I am seeking you tonight
In the twilight of a star fallen sky
Listening to a piano masterfully designed
To allow certain tones
To enter my blind
Driving my world through words
As quickly as they come to mind
I am careful to lay them out on paper
Hoping for a release
The tension inside
So direct, so biting
I may lay stunned
Feeling the earth against my skin
And wondering
Just how far, my thoughts need travel
To feel once again
I rode my bicycle up a long hill one hot afternoon
And each circular motion drew me further
Closer to your world
That was my goal
Anything else was simply an
The real journey
Was to transport my usual self
To your doorstep
And when I arrived
In the cool afternoon air
You offered me water
And my bicycle
Suddenly became centuries old
And the pasture golden with the summer’s wheat
Swaying gently in the breeze
Shadowed a brilliant sky
Of autumn’s challenge
Suggesting …
Our moon in that later night sky
May be as real today in yesterday’s eye
Muse nearby travel with me for I am
Seeking a splendor suggests only why