Reckoning Waves

Only the brief moments

staring us in the face

just short of resentments

a chance to self-efface

could allow our soul freedom

from the daily burden

that reality of our fiefdom

the place we value when …


We have figured it out

all the answers generate

new ideals, walking about

we can now commiserate

upon reached ideals

new steps toward a bliss

we have recognized our zeals,

an attainable, sweet-like kiss.


Yet, there is that other piece

when everyone around seems

impacted by a natural peace

interfering with quiet dreams

that welcome new horizons

those that create a stir

those that suggest opinions

force sharp ideals to defer.


When is the right time to decide

as the world begins another day

such reckoning waves lie beside

hopes, notions that point away

to indecision and personal gain.

We are a sorry lot of humanity

caught in the paradigm of pain

slapping slowly at our sanity.