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About People

I wonder sometimes,

probably far too much,

about people and their reactions

to me.

Well there’s a starting point to hell,

imagining I can figure out

just why

someone chooses to scrutinize


There is evidence

to suggest without ceremony.

the majority,

that is us in one line together,

we do stand

to wonder about each other

all the time,

just more noticeable

when it truly is all about



I walked directly past you today,

and your eyes averted,

were challenged to say hello,

when my greeting,

was the first issue.

Then it was a forced harmony.


I get that a lot,

usually just me.


When a factor,

a measure in time,

while the observer

the other’s own dime


held out to the beggar

for the sake of truth

to confront that pallor

would it be uncouth.


To trigger the moment

we all lose our shell

in pity we might lament

our loss is our hell.


Have we crossed the line,

lost our grip on soul

or is this only a whine

while we play our role.


When once the word rang

strong in a crowd of eyes,

now it seems we do hang

only upon the other’s I’s.


Workplace monotony

could paralyze the confident

when idle scrutiny,

the albatross does resent.


For when I die, I might be

happier, or fly above the sea.

Anxiety Rushes

Waterfalls, rolling boulders, cascades of sand and dirt,

imagination trying to tie ideas together,

the collapse of a building at the hands of man,

such is decisive harmony.

Well then speak to the ills of human kind,

those results of interaction,

quiet moments of reality in a crowd.

Tell me about your gatherings,

which might be easier,

the one contains the loves you know,

or perhaps a space of individuals tied

together by the bounds of social mockery.

The other day,

walking slowly forward,

the body responds with a damp reality,

a wipe of the brow,

deep calming breaths,

every reality of that life,

becomes front and center apparent,

and yet what matters little still seems

to be that centerpiece.

Our preoccupation with the world around us,

could very well steamroll an otherwise happy life,

if allowed to move through the angst

of society’s ills. Society shrills upon

that notion of resilience in the face of

a strange eye of scrutiny.

A Picture of Change We Will Unravel

Photo by Annie Liebowitz
Photo by Annie Leibovitz

I have heard¬†‘secrets,’

that interview was extensive,

a great deal of suggestion,

people complained,

some wondered, others scowled,

many didn’t care,

about the man’s affairs.


What do we read?

the hottest magazines that demonstrate

our most monstrous needs to associate

with a world we might sooner

discard than understand.

Please know there is little derision

in supporting the decision,

We just wonder again,

what is so important in our lives,

that a 62 year old woman,

makes the cover of Vanity Fair?

Now there’s an obvious thought,

who is it reads such affairs,

or perhaps are there a volley,

a vaulting interest in readership,

let’s dive in now, won’t we all,

join the list of new subscribers?

How quickly we pirouette the personal

into an arena of public scrutiny.


A man who no longer felt like a …

such confusions are beyond my realm,

when today I walked down the street,

see a pretty woman and a handsome man,

I really haven’t a clue,

of her suffering … just months to live.

By her demeanor they look happy together,

almost sort of teary when we think about it.

Yet tonight what is trending,

because that really is what we’re after,

in a world drawn by ruinous imagery,

we welcome in good, old, Caitlyn Jenner.


Meanwhile, across the world, in lunchrooms,

classrooms, gyms and locker rooms,

there’s those damn kids again,

struggling to find their identity,

wanting to cut, to use the wrong dosage,

drive a needle into their arm,

be gothic, morbid, walking zombies,

whatever trend that moves aside,

their own personal fear of scrutiny.

I wonder if any of these ‘miscreants,’

even think of buying the latest,

Vanity, vanity, vanity,

Caitlyn’s Vanity Fair.

Stand Firm; Lessons Learned

We are an entitled society

yes we are,

we’ve been told,


been forced to accept

our need for …

validation and anyone gets in my way

I will mow you down in a heartbeat

and bury your soul in the ashes.

Oh, did I say that

again there is a familiar ring,

a calling, a howling,

a fixture of resentment

borne out of the reams

of sympathetic scrutiny …

or is this a hypocrisy that no matter

how we try to be good to one another,

someone will slam your face without fail

Ah springtime is ahead,

the temperatures glean

our need for warmth

for delightful walks,

and summer bike rides

all shared with each other …

My neighbor bought a new bicycle,

come on dad, I need an upgrade,

can it happen today? What the fu …

Where did we find ourselves accepting a society

that rather than earn allows a continuum’s whine.

Self Suggestive Observations

We did remember a time when people stood for what they believed.

There was strength in numbers as we together rallied our cry.

Standing on street corners, waving banners, asking for a voice

to hear the anxiety driven pleas of the masses wanting them home.

Eventually, our desire, plan, our goals seem to have been met,

the boys of the war, and now the women were said to be returning.

That was a victory,

a time of rallied belief,

an energy driving souls

to band together, to believe

yet today we become lost

hopeful yet anxious,

unsure of ourselves,

wishing to step

away from any


What about the war at home that continues to try our sheer integrity,

why do we continue to allow ourselves to belittle one another

rather than love each other, and believe in our elegance,

we continue to strive to tear one another down every day,

we laugh at the mockery of thinking we are above disdain,

we continue to drive home the notion that we can do this alone.

I’m saddened tonight,

because again it occurred,

children are taunted,

and the world reacts,

but tomorrow the sun will

rise again on a new day,

and scrutiny will drift

away like a spring rain,

some cleansing but left,

is the turned up soil,

the angst and hate and evil departure from character remains,

we are human beings flawed within our sacred temple.

The Human Form

We have so many satisfying options

for you to choose from.

That is of course if you are

particular about who you might be found


How a person might decide upon their options

can really depend a great deal

on scrutiny when taking risks

when saying hello

when deciding to speak

while imagining their values

as they might add up with his, hers,

the one we recalled the other night

that moved our soul beyond that typical fanfare:


Are you capable of recognizing beauty

beyond the adornment, the decorated needless

stereotypical amulets that define the moment

without giving insight to the … later on?

You know when the gloves come off,

when you realize she is here with you forever

when he becomes someone beyond that initial

walk of fame.

One summer not too long ago,

none of that really mattered

as long as they were able to play.

Then something magical occurred when one day

the two of you breathed in one another’s

human form.

There was a sudden response that didn’t allow

for innocence but instead curiosity –

A need for more began this new journey

toward recognizing new games we play

far more frequently when we grow with

ever changing rules.

We suddenly find scrutiny

far more attractive than simply being,

simply having,

simply seeing and respecting

the human form.

Well, There’s That!

Did you see that?

When she walked by in just that moment,

she watched her and looked

first at her hips,

then her shoes.

Or was it the other way around?

Question if the shoes come first

before we undress each other.

We generally don’t care that much

about the wardrobe,

the linens that accentuate

that mystique underneath everything.


If we go too far we uncover a reality

hidden beneath every core of our being.

Makeup, glasses, touch of gray,

a smile when we are hurting.

Isn’t so bad,

we can do better,

we almost got it,

well, there’s that!

Bound by society

our norms quickly become


which exists around us.

When is the last time

you really believed that everyone else


you encounter on a given day

was truly, uniquely different than you.

Space travel?

Well, there’s that!