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Sights in a Small Town Cafe

Java Moose
java moose in grand marais

I watched the lines continue to grow,

all wanting, waiting, wishing,

yet I never knew the latter,

especially by expression,

I only managed to maybe gather,

their reasons to be seemed rather

the same as mine and yours.


Not your typical cafe I might add,

the people wanting much more,

than the usual scenario

-to see and be seen-

to more be understood,

to be in line with a certain


beyond the usual fare.


In a north-wood cafe,

the goal is not to stay,

yet it seems the rains have made it that way,

so the lines have increased,

though the attitude remain the same,

we are all part of this universe,

and today is just another day.

Hometown Waves

On the corner, in the local market,

walking old familiar sidewalks,

feel the energy, the constant racket,

hearing voices familiar talks.


i drove past my childhood in several

different avenues, and smiled

a lot, while occasional stark recall

suggested I’d been a little wild.


I recalled the night in the lower breezeway

she was as willing as I that night,

to talk about anything that mattered that day,

just being there was surely a delight.


Though the streets were all sort of named,

I could only recall the eyes, and faces

everyone today just seemed more aimed

at handling aging with certain graces.


Driving through town came across the Sun

streaking across the sky, just so close

to jumping inside, say hello to your one,

yet today wasn’t the right way to close.


So i continued along our, your Grand avenue

wondered about a smile, a real person

working the machines, each day ideas anew,

thought another time, a newer reason.


My hometown, I posted a pic and a grin

to realize we were much older then,

today, we just reasoned how we might win

this battle of aging, less scarier than


the innocence of childhood, of young adults

living out their lives with such similar results.

More of the Same

Same day,

different mood;

Same mood,

different day.

Similar wishes,

significant only

when the moment becomes

noticeable, noticed, notice me.


Purpose is a fine wine

When designed to refine

our constant worries,

that remind

our typical day

similar again, smile some more,

that wreaks havoc upon our

internal goals


External bundles

of reaction,

planned factions of

disapproval, of

merits morale, of

our own omniscient

selfish pride.

We all like to feel that

our lives are perfect, imperfect.

Accept me for who I am.


Tomorrow I will bathe, coif, button,

To return to a state of sameness again.