When Just A Child

I could laugh and scream all day,

play in the soil and mock the world,

there wasn’t a chance of being hurt

I was simply a boy with a magic heart.

I remember chuckling out loud,

at a sibling playing a trick on me,

I recall thinking that was allowed

for as a child no ill words hurled

Even on rainy days in the early spring,

I’d glance out the picture window,

watching the robins dance in the lawn,

and I was a child just watching the world.

I remember being a kid among my peers,

playing basketball to the many cheers,

I was on the bench but my friends,

they were the ones creating the smiles.

Saturday afternoon,

grey clouds without notice,

a walk into the room,

the one with the picture window,

the faces all looked so grim,

I hadn’t a clue, we’d one our game,

and then the words,

they’ll haunt me as they do today

your cousin ____ died last night,

no names were needed then.

I stole away into my room,

cried a million tears wondered

what could certainly take me away,

so this reality might not return.

See, there’s a tool of laughter,

happiness dances, when just a child,

we haven’t heard of any disaster,

so why today, is life still so wild.

In A Child’s Eyes


You are my hero,

whom guides me, softens the blow,

when my reality is slow,

in order to allow me,

later on after time,

to truly know.

Then why I ask,

my mentor,

would you defeat my sense

of beauty

of elegance

that natural world of delight

with your caustic self aggrandizing

perpetual lunacy.


This morning I was young at heart,

filled with the delight of a world

that fascinates,

drawn by the passion of knowledge

your desire my share in my world,

yet now,

without any concern for anyone

beyond yourself,

you tackle me,

and defeat me,

my lessons of life learned

due to your own insanity.


I am a child to you teacher

allow me, teach me,

just, please,

do not continue to abuse me.

I Stopped Watching

I listen to music

puts me in certain frame of mind

I want to be sad

like the tears welling in the moment

I want to feel pain

for nothing will match their fears

I want to ask

is there anything we have control of in our lives.

In my neighborhood

tonight I watched people on their bicycles

friends talking in driveways,

Sally was gardening,

Randy was building yet another section

to shelve things …

Society in a manner shelved MH370

after months of no more news.

A long time ago,

I heard someone say we are a forgetful world,

in lieu of fearing reputation,

we often hope they might not remember,

but please don’t forget about that missing plane,

as we now mourn the loss of bodies we’ve found,

splayed across the Malaysian countryside.

Meanwhile, I’m putting another

sad song solemn,

in Israel, we know loss of life

is far more prevalent than the busy days of war.

In my back yard

I look at the stars

I wonder out loud

how it can be possible

to live in a world

where such beauty to our naked eye

can be shattered in the evil shouts

of a planet gradually unraveling.

Tonight, someone posted a remark

about how in the world can this happen.

How many other people are gasping,

losing air because they have screamed that same


since the news took away their family members.

Those that died were on a mission

to raise awareness, fighting for more exposure,

to recognize there are positive ways in our world.

The people on flight 17 were fighting aids,

yet God had another plan.

I haven’t watched the news for weeks,

maybe months.

I won’t turn on the television tonight

I will step outside and glance at the stars

through the misty tears in my eyes.

I am sad and crying.

I listen to music …

And The Story Went On

Soon after she left

He sat in the room

Knowing the alone

Had become his world

Outside the door

The people walked by

And one whispered slow

He’s a statue inside

And then the cherry

On the cigarette lit

A waft of smoke nearby

And the neighbor knew the truth

He wasn’t alone anymore

At least from the outside

Looking in

To a place he never understood

Just knew he was there forever

Until he stepped away

That would be a very long time

A lot of pain to travel then

Before the world looked new again

See he was fighting for the love

That seemed so certain weeks before

That now appeared to be down the road

Out of reach and further down the avenue

He couldn’t no longer appreciate that beauty

Instead just pain every vision that met his eyes

Yet, tonight, as the darkness began to drift into twilight

His heart had felt the pain, he knew there would be light

Soon after she left

He sat in the room

Knowing the alone

Would remain close for a time

Until he soon stepped off his dime