In Depression’s Grip

I wouldn’t say imagination,

instead, a spiral of twisting metal,

cracked concrete well below,

the shavings of slivers and dust where the legs go.

A night sky that looms in sunlight,

clouded thinking,

to the degree of a natural flight,

over here, this time, that afternoon, one year

in my life.

I sometimes want to cry,

cleanse the rings of deceit around my eyes,

then it’ll be okay.

Though that song plays out its course,

like a top 40

I tire of hoping for predictability

shed some light on

what the hell is the matter with me.

A rant,

is an opportunity,

if we can remove ourselves from


I remember the time I was told to stop boring people

with sad old cliches.

It worked,

I no longer use cliches.

I wonder about tomorrow

as fatigue melts away my desire to go away.

Knowing Outcomes

What if,

when we get there

while we watch with

eager anticipation,

suddenly somewhere

around our actuality

comes screaming naturally

realistic decisive storms

correct my conclusive

ambivalent apathy.

Seeking nirvana now

seems passe perhaps

without regard for

our own

sanity … if.


People tend to run when noticed by others

They’d rather cry alone

People tend to run

Instead of recognizing sad truths

People wish to be removed

From serious interactions on a rainy day

Beside a cloudy morning

When eyes just begin to waken

Sunlight’s heat draws energy

Delightful to our skin

Refreshing and thriving

Well before a thought ever enters our mind.


People tend to run when noticed by strangers

Hearts exposed their lives become

A deep expression

Of love’s forgotten memory

When we allow humanity to fester

In the common hallows of Society

Homeless and hungry

Playing tricks on the avenue

Fighting for game in the streets

Burglarizing our freedom for a fix

Yet each morning in the summer air

The sunlight beckons our physicality

Despite the sweat soaked garments that become home

Daily in our walks

Searching for food

Seeking a life

Away from the pain


People tend to run when noticed by Society.

Moments Near Windows

The teacher said,


Draw a picture of the world outside

Bring to life the vibrancy you might see


But I didn’t know what I could see

Mattered little to her direction

You see what I see might seem

A little off, if I were to really let you see


Wait a little bit and you might then

Realize that we are truly reflective

Of only what we choose to see

That stricken notion of revelation

Seems rather docile to the naked eye

Yet inside the mind of a child in wonder


To see the world through my youthful lens

One might ask for a reprieve from a society

That suggests we observe in a certain manner

With the rules of asking simply for notoriety


Are you truly curious of that which I see?

Or is this assignment your personal idiosyncrasy!