A Quiet Run

I took a jog recently,

you know the kind with all the right gear

and the temperature

seemed ready to suggest

this human being is part of the machine.


From inside my mind, decidedly

I picked a route far too familiar, that place, that region

where everyone wants to land

and no one takes the time to question why,

we just let ourselves step forward again.


It isn’t until later on a quiet side road

everything is familiar,

the aches in our joints,

the sweaty brow we cannot seem to hide,

we are all the same again inside.


Tonight I heard words that would suggest a different path,

one that appreciates my steps alone, my words, my world.

© Thom Amundsen 6/2021

A Prayer

Please God

… and then some words follow


There is a belief

In asking for forgiveness


I was taught

We already had a slew of sins


Therefore a silent mandate

Was thrust upon our wary souls


Each morning sunlight

Symbolic in its wonder


Lights our way

While giving us shelter


Each night then

The moon rises


Providing a sort of

Night light; a soft reminder


Allows me to reflect

Upon the day’s adventure


Problem is

The sun rises again


And the cycle

Starts over


I can’t keep up

Suddenly I’m lost


Wondering how to stop

The roller coaster of notions


Yet there again

The moon settles upon the horizon


A quiet reminder

A new day will follow