Key Responsibility

It’s a morning

gray skies outside

sunlight is somewhere

last night’s thought

sifting into my world.

A mixed bag of

insolent treats.

If I choose to open them

I could follow a light


to take me somewhere.

Somewhere out of here.

Though then I realize

we, ourselves, are

responsible for the keys.


© Thom Amundsen 10/2021

A Fleeting Arousal

It happens

When we switch lanes on the highway

Suddenly we are engaged

In a tumbling arena of acrobatic challenge

Moving amongst steel warriors

Each with a venom of clashing speed

Capable of mortal debility


We respond

In our own lustful quiet

To the vision that captures

Our heart and soul

Delicious lines

Seductive eyes in mascara drawn

Expressions wanton


Our destiny

Lies upon a bed of lies

Perhaps illusions that create

Opportunity to elude

Responsibility in time of need

Instead our fleeting arousal

Designs the posture of our mind


When have man, men, fathers, brothers

Ever realized their role as natural lovers