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Autumn Winds

Sunlight shadows peek within autumn sky

A sign of change without a question why

Today less likely life will go awry

One moment in the clouds certainly cry

While lost inside the blues we want to try

Oh feel the cooling season breathe sweet sigh

Leaves are cast about then pausing as wise

The beauty of a day inside our eyes

We listen to the winds whistle mild cries

We listen to the wind it peaks and dies

Winter just ahead sounds a silent guise

Would that we shelter our lives in disguise

She called them changing winds in retrospect

Quiet in soft wraps we love and respect.

I’m Your Teacher

I wonder if you realize the time we imagine

the words we deliver might benefit the fine

beauty of the child,

taming of the wild.

We don’t ask to change a child’s life

we don’t imagine to understand strife

we offer all our time

with every bell chime.

The other day I walked outside and recognized

an error on my part is certainly ill advised.

Why would I choose pain,

what could be the gain.

I stand before you all daily in my classroom

I would welcome anyone until there were no room.

Yet I need to find an answer

I need to know the future.

I wish I could look you in the eye with a pleasant smile

suggest that what you worry about today is not your last mile

just another daily rule

to understand, why school.

We stand before you with hope and prayer and layered love

would not you think if we didn’t act to be your dove

we’d rather you be miserable,

we’d hold you inside a stable.

I stood in my classroom today and looked around the room

I wish the eyes I see today, could recognize truly the zoom.

this moment is a blip

in years your ideals flip.

Love in our future would be the goal of anyone needing peace

So please give liberty to the idea of some disrespectful release.

A humble teacher we are today

We only wish to delight your way

Speak Silence

When the hour will wane,

our heart is out of place,

when we wish only disdain

when logic has no trace

we might imagine a different take

on the notions ahead,

a far greater value at stake

than an ego’s reactive head.

Can we ever imagine,

just a singular reaction,

might we step out of the din

of our constant affirmation.

I walked alone through a crowd,

with all of the eyes quite askance

I felt I might be wearing a shroud,

if in conversation I took a chance.

We might recognize there is true value

when understanding betters our view.

A Good Night Rant

I wonder

many hours

at daybreak I begin

until my eyes close again

I decide upon the moment.


I wander

in my mind

hours at a time

whether the right thing

is nearby or a fantasy of mine.


I wonder

about interactions,

people’s dispositions

the manner by which talk

permeates the lives of each of us.


I wander

through miles

of indecision, a question

might suggest a new direction

yet instead, I’ll take cautious action


I wonder if it is all so quiet in retrospect.

I wander a surreal life seeking respect.

The Pretender

Steady hands

a look to all sides

hair coiffed, suit buttoned, tie straight,

ease into traffic without upsetting a neighbor,

whisper and sigh

another road ahead, yet, so far,

we are well on our way

to give presence another day.


Occasionally it seems,

such an easy task,

to encounter heavy traffic,

find an open route,

just drive through.

Though I can believe,

on many instance the lights are a steady glow,

an amber only reveals a fire

when anyone else nearby has the time

to wonder.


When I have on my own forgotten

my mask,

I find the world to be rather

forgettable, formidable, forgiveness

speaks volumes when truth

escapes the layers of film

we use so often,

so necessary

to protect our unknown fear.


Once, we begin to imagine a visual we would rather

live with then will demonic souls vanish the sky.

Real People

Those that speak, believe, feel

Those that cry, question, deal

Those that travel deep inside a fear

might discover there’s nothing there.


I once knew a friend,

a true compadre

she would tell me when

I was having an odd day.


Last year I became resolute

I learned how to play the flute

This seems simple and trivial

much less fake and convivial.


When I realized how far gone

my ability to trust anyone

had become in an October day,

I wondered why, I’d felt that way.


I came to know there was this

quiet reality we all seem to dismiss.

That is, when life delivers a blow,

we must quickly pack up and go.


Seldom will we find satisfaction

in our own mind’s application

of insecurity and hopes decidedly

drawn upon a candid variety


of leaps and bounds

fresh new sounds

the quiet moonlight’s mist,

now so easily dismissed.


In reality we are people who love

nothing else may be placed above.

When We Were Younger

I remember we had conflict,

a peer group,

a close friend we didn’t know.

Confuse that with desires we were not sure of,

the outcome can be rather shallow.

We make allowances with artificial ideals,

I did that very night, when with you,

in all of your beauty and grace,

I wished only to have you, yet didn’t really have any idea

just whom I was given the opportunity to know.

Then the winter air became its bitter cold,

my value had diminished to a confused young

hormonal teenage boy.

That night I watched you look sad in the reality

of self-image I was callous to place upon your lovely self.

Oh to be the young man that could find chivalry

replay that moment with deep glance in your eyes,

if only to suggest how lovely I felt to be with you

for that brief time.

Later, as life continued to journey forward,

and ours was now a past reflection,

I would see you move beyond that world,

always with a desire to honor

your presence, beauty and elegance

you’d offered my own erred judgment.

When Last We Spoke

The same words exchanged,

the promises,

the absolutes,

the possibles

the acrimonious,

the …

we smiled and stepped away,

and then it occurred,

that pit in the stomach sort of thing,

that piece of my psyche

suggests did I, or could she, or might he,

really follow through on, what

I said too much.

Or did I – perhaps he did,

she, he, they, her, why

is it we cannot simply go forward with our own thinking,

rather than rely upon other reactions,

other points of clarity,

other responsible reactions to normal life.

Abnormal realities help define our direction,

perhaps, as ugly as that seems,

we all need to take a break from the,

the, the, the, looking, the, looking, the,

searching again, I’m finding I have no way,

to retract what I might have said,

what perception I provided you,

how I fueled the dialogue.

I might have, really, well yes I did …

Listen to the World

They are out there you know,

people with real lives,

ones that matter

Tonight’s news after the snow

while detailing drives

windswept clatter

A story ran about a father

shot in the face

by his younger

son in the garage where bother

Seldom sheds such grace

on a quiet neighbor.

We listened while our country

endured a foreign speaker

watched our statesmen

toss salt and vinegar heartily

on our president our leader

we really call them men?

Tonight there will be lovely starving

children playing their last play

until their bodies close down

a shroud will cover them not knowing

their innocence was in no way

responsible for our frown.

When I was just a little boy I couldn’t

know beyond my magical world

lives mattered far beyond

my own