Asked in Public

I was asked the other day

an age old question,

I was told always in my life

to know the answer,

I was instructed

solutions cannot result

in a salacious notion

toward personal upheaval

instead our words, our look,

our desire, that verve we live by,

an energy we spread around

outside our bubble,

you know the space,

don’t lie to me about it,

it is a coveted shelter from

the pain, always

nearby looming,

waiting for an opportunity,

to feed the current


I was noticed one day,

and she smiled.

Summer is Now a Reflection


I came to realize her days are numbered

the scent of blossom begins to wane,

slowly drawn toward eventual harvest,

night skies begin to shift our eyes

upon constellate cooler streams

of light to suggest her time has come.


In evening breeze we listen clear

the melody of a cricket greeting

Nature’s compelling stronghold

upon this ever changing season.

Symbolic gestures while humanity

will stretch opportunity beyond

the natural course of time.

We do believe we can do this.


Is that a seething comedy of error

to compel, this generated heat

present inside a space of hours

will draw our lives toward fantasy.

An orb of energy plays brilliant

while all about Her gifts recede.


That, natural course of time evolves,

will always leave, swift sated skin.


* photo found on Pinterest