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The Hypocrisy of Faith

Steeped in idol trepidation,

an iconic stature,

a reasonably moral conclusion,


a stark reminder

is when we choose to know our side.


Which side, whose side,

why should we decide

what favor we rely upon to gather strength,

when choices made,

become the standard bearer,

the party favorite.


Words bandied about,

tribalism, loyalists, mongering,


A certain repudiation

turns into a bizarre creationist

fable toward standing on firm ground.


Yet the earth underneath my feet

feels unstable, feels temporary,

like a bandaid worn in critical battle,

we are the masses,

we do decide,

whether we choose to believe or we do not.


I am the one with faith,

the I have to readily acknowledge,

I haven’t a clue in what direction,

I choose,

will have any great matter,

when in faith I do choose to lose.

Sanity Left The Room

Seems we’ve whittled ourselves down,

there’s a bit of sadness in the air,

the pundits are introducing nameless figures,

afraid to give any more attention to hypocrisy.


I woke up today with a bit of a frown,

though I did always think Jeb! a dare,

He held to his principles always ahead of fixtures,

This man not a conservative republican simple heresy.


He was the man that represented our office,

his values steadfast, his demeanor grim,

yet a certain panache of integrity he always shows

I am saddened even though his direction I shant go.


Instead, we’re forced to hear words in orifice,

the sort we laughed at in a year of whim,

now the world in all its bigotry has begun a glow,

seems the monster wakes the dead this we truly know.


I’m torn to understand what is best for our country

Faced with a national crisis we hear candidates paltry.

Which Newspaper Will You Read Tonight

I used to get newsprint on my fingertips,

after a few hours of reading the news,

today, its different,

I haven’t the trust in the words anymore.


I plan to continue to know about life

as it applies to daily needs and wants.

Peace and tranquility

would be a lovely story to read today.


I know there are slants on people’s views

well we are left to decide upon our own

virtues and promise,

would that we might understand love.


“I read the news today oh boy” I cried,

not knowing which edition to believe

whose voice is that,

when all the eyes look to their answer.


“About a lucky man who made the grade”

he won’t be coming home for the holiday,

yet we’ll revel

in the beauty that is he that held our hands.


“And though the news was rather sad”

we would continue, we’d all be glad

when someone cried

while we went on with simple lives today.


When then we began to wander alone,

hope to fly, passion to discover time.

“Well I just had to laugh”

I knew the news would return to me again.


Last night before I laid my tired soul down,

I wondered about a painful reality I’d heard,

“I saw the photograph”

again telling a story we’d all heard before.


“A crowd of people stood and stared”

we didn’t know we were looking at love,

instead we raced

ourselves down an avenue of shallow frill.


I can’t read the newsprint any more, too small,

I’d rather see quick sound bites with a pretty face!


(‘A Day in the Life’ – John Lennon, the Beatles)

Election Night Blues

new york times
new york times

I voted for the other guy,

because his wardrobe looked


She is so damn hot I couldn’t

imagine another candidate to


For that is what lies ahead

a tweak of a word with a


When a person decides

the wish to lead our country’s


Have you any idea the scrutiny

any single candidate is left to


In a few weeks, well they may

just back-pedal already not feeling


We are a nation of many

freedoms that you and I


So when then does it say

we should leave our lives to


I have tonight the election day blues

I know not how to escape the ruse.